52 thoughts on “Self Awareness Dawns?”

  1. Companies that mail poop that haven't been shut down:







    Some of these websites have been around for years.

    Is any of this penetrating that thick skull of your Willy?

    Do you want to tell us again about "terrorism"?

  2. AAAAAAnd, the final nail in Willy's legal coffin:


    Disgusting delivery causes huge stink

    "I did in fact contact the sheriff’s department and filed a report," said Tepe

    While it's on record with the Sheriff's Office, they told Shelli there is nothing they can do because this isn't considered a crime.

    So 3 On Your Side contacted the US Postal Inspection Service, after all it seems pretty unsanitary to send poop through the mail.

    The US Postal Service told us this isn't the first time they've had complaints about poopsenders.com.

    In fact, they've investigated the mailings before, but in the end they've concluded: "These mailings are non-hazardous."

    Oh dear Willy. All that self-righteous outrage, down the shitter.....

      1. He can start an impassioned campaign to pass a "Schmalfeldt's Law", banning frivolous mailing of poop.

        He can go into the history books as the Party Pooper of Poop Purveyance.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt @CabinBoyBilly · 19s 19 seconds ago
    Sleep well, my little poop defenders. You are likely to have an interesting week or two ahead.

    I rather think not. Most probably, it will be like every other week where William has issued Dire Proclamations of Doom, which is to say that by no later than Thursday, he shall attempt to hide his continued self-debased by pretending that none it ever happened. At that point, we'll be met with the bi-weekly appearance of Above It All Bill, who tends to mysteriously disappear within five days. May the circle be unbroken.

    You're more predictable than the sunrise, William. So run along, dear boy. Run along and play with your poop.

    1. Since sept he has me going to jail over false negative unjust, meanie pants reviews. Wheeeeee Bill, I'm running around sleeping soundly! whohooooooo!!!! nananana booboo, thbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt!!!!!

      1. Called it. William's War on Terror didn't last twenty hours. And terror, it seems, won.

        He just can't whinny.

  4. This splendid little incident teaches everything that one need know about one William Matthew Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, Maryland.

    He's hip deep in horseshit, and he thinks that he's winning.

    1. Indeed. And, this splendid, little incident also teaches (or, serves as a reminder) that William Matthew Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, Maryland has NO sense of humor, and is completely incapable of taking a joke (a gag), and/or laughing at himself.

      And, he fancies himself a "comedian." *pfft*


      How much ya wanna bet that little Billy had zero friends while he was growing up (Yeah. I know. I know. Some things never change.)?

      I mean... what type of kids would ever want to play and spend time with such a sourpuss, whiny, attention-craving, thin-skinned drama queen? *smh*

  5. Oohhh. Bill is threatening to contact everyone's local news outlets tomorrow if we don't roll on whoever sent him the "illegal shit". Like any of us actually know. Heck, I didn't even know mailing poop was a thing until he started whining on Twitter last Saturday.

    I guess I'll be stopping by The Day tomorrow on my way to or from the SA's office to make sure they know about how Bill is infringing on their copyright in Axis of Weasels. Any takers on how long before the corporate lawyer is drafting a letter to both Createspace and Amazon after that? Or perhaps they'll not bother with DMCA and just go straight to filing a copyright suit against the book's author. Or maybe both? They do have a vested interest in showing that they will do whatever it takes to protect their rights, and overkill is a good way to do it.

    1. Wait - where is he threatening (excuse me, PROMISING, we all know he never makes threats) to contact everyone's local media outlets?

      Because he'll have a hell of a time finding mine...

      1. https://twitter.com/CabinBoyBilly/status/541687761636712448

        Lord, he really isn't thinking this all the way through, is he. LOL

      2. And these are the two that are obviously aimed at me:

      3. Once they get out of moderation, non-moderators will be able to see them, as well as the three which I obviously have to take with me to the SA tomorrow, since they are obviously meant as more of a threat to me.

    2. I'll be thinking of you today, LG. So sorry you have to take valuable time out of your productive life to deal, once again, with the Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated (and, admitted) Harasser, Adjudicated Stalker, and Demented Freak BILL SCHMALFELDT.

      I'd wager your local law enforcement and State Attorney's office won't look too kindly upon BILL SCHMALFELDT threatening you AGAIN.

      May justice prevail for you, LG.

  6. I do hope it never sinks in to that severely dick-dented noggin of Shakey's that no one cares who he contacts and what he reports.

    The minute the light bulb goes off in that thick fucking skull of his is the minute we lose our cheap entertainment.

    That's all you are Jiggles. A laugh. An object of ridicule. I have been beating your ass for over three years and not a FUGGIN' thing has happened.

    Not ONE thing. A couple ruptured LULZ sacks in the beginning. But I learned.

    Do you remember our first encounter?

    "You have until 7pm, blah, blah, blah, blah..."

    I responded; "Check your email."

    You're still waiting for that email, right?

    You silly bastard, you.

  7. re: UPDATE

    It's always too much to ask with this buffoon. Tis mind-boggling how he just can't see his own stupid no matter how many times it is clearly pointed out to him.

    The Knot Boys have been playing him on-and-off for what... 4-5 years now? And, then beginning a couple of years ago, he starts taking it on the chin after signing up to be the sawed-off, domestic terrorist's PR prostitute, and abusing good-and-decent people as part of his job description (and, due to his utter lack of possessing even a shred of moral fiber).

    He gets owned time-after-time in legal situations no matter how many times others attempt to explain the flaws in his ACME Law approaches... and, I haven't even bothered to touch on his background story, and the unbelievable degree of failure and stupid that resides there.

    He's just dumb. Just mind-numbingly, wicked dumb.

  8. https://twitter.com/CabinBoyBilly/status/541794883217154049

    So that's the place you go for all your poop?

    According to the "poop expert", poopesender is a legitimate site with "properly packaged and mailed" poop.

    From the article:

    ""We opened this, my daughter and I, and inside we get gorilla poop from poopsenders.com," proclaimed Tepe.

    You heard right, poop. A big ol' zip lock bag filled with what was labeled 'gorilla poop.'

    A zip lock bag, Willy.

    You were saying?

    But hey, you seem pretty heavily invested in this whole "felony" deal, so go ahead, officers of the law need LULZ too.

  9. Looks like poor Willy is starting to have second thoughts:


    A couple points.

    -Isn't it interesting that he does his research AFTER declaring a crime was committed and (allegedly) contacting the authorites.

    -He emails them and gets an answer he either doesn't like or doesn't understand.

    Let me help you, Willy. It's all on their website:

    Manure: For marketing purposes, we call it "shit" or "poop". If fact, we use horse manure. Please read information on the bottom of the page.

    bottom of the page (really, Willy, it isn't that hard):

    Horse manure is a solid waste excluded from federal EPA solid waste regulation because it neither contains significant amounts of hazardous chemicals, nor exhibits hazardous characteristics. The chemical constituents of horse manure are not toxic to humans. Horse guts do not contain significant levels of the two waterborne pathogens of greatest concern to human health risk, Cryptosporidium or Giardia, neither do they contain significant amounts of the bacteria E. coli 0157:H7 or Salmonella. Fungus, viruses, bacteria and worms found in horses have never been shown to infect humans and are unlikely to be zoonotic. Finally, the reality is that there are very few horses, and even fewer numbers of them that frequent trails. People seldom encounter or handle horse manure. People who do have occasion to handle horse manure have never been infected by this intimate contact. Humans and other sources within the environment (e.g. wild animals and birds) with their overwhelming population numbers are far more likely than horses to contribute to human health risks.

    You're just not very bright, William.

    1. Yes. I linked the document that came from a few days ago.


      "No major human disease has ever been accurately attributed to the intimate contact
      human beings have had with horses for thousands of years. Veterinarians and vet
      students probably have the greatest exposure to true risk from horse manure. The horse
      has a very inefficient gut: it's a one-way throughput system. Horses are physiologically
      incapable of vomiting or regurgitating. If something gets stuck on the way through, the
      only way to get it out is by surgery or physical intervention. As a result, you will often find
      vets armpit deep under a horse's tail. Nevertheless, there has never been a documented
      case of veterinarians contracting illness as a result of this rather extreme true exposure
      to horse manure."

  10. And POOF he's gone. He found out, once again, what a huge and complete moron he was and instead of being a man and admitting he was wrong, he turns tail and runs. Typical of the giant mangina right?

    1. Well, I'm still pulling the stuff together this morning to visit the SA today. I do NOT appreciate getting threatening emails, and I hope they agree with me. I'm also making sure I have the printouts I need to show my local paper that he used a screen shot from their website in Axis of Weasels, which, never minding the copyright issues, is a clear violation of their site's TOS.

      1. I think it might be dawning on Willy right about now that you can't delete an sent email.


      2. LG -- Do you also have SSs of all of the times you have clearly told Blob to cease contacting you? You have demanded as much NUMEROUS times, but he still tweets you, and even went so far as to send you not one... but, TWO (threatening) emails.


    2. Even cbparodyrecords is gone. Maybe Gail, or someone else who cares for him, deleted his accounts and revoked his internet license.

    3. He's gone? Again? Heh. Heh. Heh.

      So, what? It ONLY took Team Lickspittles NINE FREAKING DAYS to convince Blob he was barking up the wrong tree, and being a big, hysterical sissy-girl and making threats over a small, plastic tub of FREAKING FERTILIZER!

      Is this a new record or something? Heh.

      Gotta wonder if he's now busy contacting law enforcement and his State Attorney's office (AGAIN!) and apologizing for behaving like a huge, unhinged boob.

      Or, maybe he's busy working on a new blog post apologizing to members of Team Lickspittle for all of the bogus accusations, lies, threats, defamation, and abuse -- with a separate paragraph dedicated solely to Krendler for auto-scraping his content. Oh. And, another special apology for (ONCE AGAIN!) going after Hoge, and contacting John's employer because... Schmalfeldt stupid. HEEEEENGH! HEEEEENGH!

      Yeah. I know. I know.

      1. Well, he'd have to come up with a new site for that since the old ones seem to have been vanished.

        I'd like to think i'd played a part in that, but I suspect that contacting NASA (or probably even the statement that he was going to contact them) and the responses, was the major catalyst.

  11. Willy, you shouldn't act so guilty, it makes you look so........well........guilty.

    But in your defense, you really had no choice after you posted an email from the company you allege "assaulted" you stating that their product is "safe and breaks no laws". Why post that Willy?

    1. Because he's just not that smart? I guess someone pointed out that just because horse poop and horse manure are the same thing, didn't make it suddenly illegal.

  12. What a shame... this has been one of his finest feldtdowns... the mockery has been beyond epic... and it's been so much FUN!

  13. I wonder about the threat to the NASA employers of Hoge. John sure has been quiet about that. Bill get a visit?

    1. I've been wondering how that plays out.

      I really really REALLY hope that email to NASA constitutes a violation of the PO.

      1. samk, you may have the answer there. I'd bet a lot that NASA doesn't find the freakshow nearly as humorous as we do. Of course, we only find him funny when he's trying for the opposite effect and never when he tries for a laugh.

  14. Y'know, it just occurred to me that maybe there's been a zombie-miracle and his antics finally got him on at least a 72 hour psych hold. If so, it's about time, eh? I mean, think of how much creeptastic crazy he's been flaunting in front of authorities for years without getting locked up.

    1. Initial psych holds in MD are for a 1 hour evaluation by a physician or psychologist who can extend the hold to 30 hours. If two docs or psychologists agree, the hold extends to 10 days. A longer commitment requires a hearing before a judge. The initial hold can be made by a police officer, a medical professional, or a judge.


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