32 thoughts on “Oh, The Pooooor Baaaaaby!!”

  1. I wonder how Gail stands being married to such a huge pussy. He must have good life insurance.

  2. Right. There is no hatred in BS. Just a calm, quiet bemusement that most mysteriously leads to him being subjected to peace orders in multiple states.

  3. "I'm sane and everyone commenting on my blathering bullshit is crazy." He's like the Frank Burns of the internet.

  4. He always blocks. I used to ping every new identity in order to get the new block. I was collecting them all. Now he just blocks me pro forma. Big puss has to suck the joy out of every single little thing.
    He is "El Super Blocko". Have to design him up a luchador mask.

  5. Good heavens. Now he's calling himself "William the Elder". I can't tell if Radio Weltschmerz or whatever it was being called has gone by the wayside too but his page on reverbnation is still there, although, surprise, completely redesigned and rearranged.

    At schmalfeldt - dot - org, I found this gem in what purports to be a description of John Hoge:

    rises to speak to denounce council members for spending his tax money, and then complains about unprepared potholes on the street in front of his house.

    When I read that one to my husband he got quite a snicker out of it. BS really, really needs an editor before anything he writes is allowed off his computer. One can't just blindly rely on MSWord's spell-check/ grammar-check functions to do the job. I'm going to be grinning for the rest of the evening imagining the preparation of potholes.

    And now, having spent my 5 minutes catching up on stuff, I'm going to watch some Poirot on Netflix.

    1. Remember, the Troll himself wrote that we can't trust a thing that he writes to be factual, accurate, or the truth. He promised to have his friends vet anything that he writes. That raised two questions...

      1. Are his friends so equally stupid that they are not finding his errors?
      2. He has no friends so no one is proof reading his garbage as he promised.

  6. It may be that there's an increased interest in blocking critics by him and his crew.

    I've harshly criticized Matt Osborne, Karoli Kuns, and Neal Rauhauser many times since I started getting involved in these issues in early 2014. The past couple of weeks is, I think, the first time they've blocked me, and certainly the first time Neal Rauhauser has ever blocked me. Additionally, after I pointed out Neal's involvement with another criminal (see https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/zero-customer-knowledge-vpns/#comment-1746546585 ), Neal has been sending me several thousand automated bot followers per day.

    The recent trend toward blocking critics might be part of some internal discussion among them.

    I wish everyone well and hope that my occasional calls for restraint aren't misunderstood. Where one should be restrained is in the CHOICE of what means to use. You should always choose just means. If anything, the real problem with online harassment is that there aren't enough people doing enough, supporting the victims enough, and bringing attackers to justice, so in this way, of course more restraint is the opposite of what is needed.

    1. Hey Roy,

      When someone was targetted by Deb Frisch harassment, he could google her name and very easily find a community of people with resources to help. Does CBBS warrant this, too? If you google his name, you mainly find information about his other misdeeds but not as much in the way of what to do about it.

      If I had to give one quick answer to such a person, i'd suggest talking to @ClareFries but this solution probably doesn't scale well.


  7. At this point, there is no way we could think any less of him, unless he croaked, and then we wouldn't have to think of him at all!

  8. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 24m 24 minutes ago
    ANY entertainer can have a fan club with a page devoted to him or her. I'm the only one I know of with a #hateclub website devoted to him.


    Willy, the only people you entertain are us.

    NOW DANCE!!!

  9. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 53m 53 minutes ago
    No reason given for the recusing of the first judge. Just seems rather "odd" that the case gets shipped to a judge who completely ignored...

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 52m 52 minutes ago
    ...settled law and decided that Twitter IS harassment, despite what a Federal Court decided. #TheFixIsIn?

    WAAAAHAAAAAAA!!! Mom, that judge doesn't like me!

    It's NOT FAIR!!!


    My God, what a whiny little bitch.

    1. What I wonder is how Bill is certain Mr. Hoge's complaint is about a Twitter pingback. I saw some stuff going by that, if Schmalfeldt wasn't lying about actually going through with it, strikes my IANAL senses as being far more incriminating.

      Perhaps Bill Schmalfeldt should spend a bit less time whining about court orders and a little more time ensuring he is in compliance with them.

      1. As I stated when he was first notified. The pingback is a strawman.

        He is in much deeper shit, I believe. Aside from what is on his coffee table, that is.

    1. I betcha anything that Shakey doesn't have the balls to mention to the judge that he believes Hoge "tricked" him into not showing the last time.

      Any takers?

  10. "And off to jail I go. I fall, crack my skull on the concrete floor, and THAT will show Brett Kimberlin who's the boss."

    No/ But it WOULD be HIGHLAREOUS!!!!

  11. https://web.archive.org/web/20141223003707/http://www.schmalfeldt.org/2014/12/despite-the-sarcastic-tone-this-story-is-100-true/

    I just can't come up with the right words to describe how wrong this is. He claims his tone is "sarcastic", but it comes across as twee, cutesy, and narcissistic, none of which meet the definition of sarcasm in any dictionary I've run across, including the OED. It's also flat out lies whenever a "fact" is discussed. (e.g. He obviously will never, ever be able to admit why the "367" charges were "dropped", nor that the State of Maryland brought them, not Hoge.)

    I'm not sure that a 5150 and a trip straight to the local pysch hospital might not be even more in order than jail time. Though I'm not sure there's much to be done for delusions that strong.

    1. I think he broke his own record for number of lies per sentence and stupidity per paragraph. It's good for a man to have goals.


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