Of Course He Doesn't


No, no. He doesn’t have time for hate. He doesn’t despise anyone, least of all a treacherous, lying, Kraven Koward like me:


I always wondered how he got @captivenurse to pose for that one…

But the truly hilarious thing that everyone knows, is that if he were ever to find out who the Thinking Man’s Zombie is (never gonna happen), the first thing that would happen, after the dox, would be the pauper’s lawsuit would be filed and in the mail. Before the close of business.

Because he doesn’t hate me.

And he isn’t even paying attention anymore.

Oh, please. /sarc


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Of Course He Doesn't”

    1. Those aren't pimples, they are marks from where the needle dicked pedo missed the "pooter".

  1. I think the ass picture is noteworthy for what it tells us about Dumbass.

    Its not porn. That would be easily obtainable from the net and be of a completely different composition.

    It looks like a clinical documentation picture. Is it possible that DA used his time at the NIH to dive into the archives for his collection and he pulled this from his personal fap stash?

    Enquiring minds have just stepped out for a new bottle of mind bleach.

    1. I don't know, but his feed is so unintentionally funny! The desperate need for attention is hilarious.

  2. BTW, here's where the butt image was stolen from:


    Maybe someone was looking at getting an "ass-tuck"?

  3. I heard that schmalfeldt dot org was back up, so I went over to take a look. I see that he has a post up noting that someone with the same zip code as the Carroll County Sheriff's Office, the Carroll County State's Attorney's Office, and the Westminster Barracks of the Maryland State Police has acquired a copy of one of his recordings.


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