Maybe Stick With WordPress?

…and one Twitter account?

I have never deleted a post from this blog. I have never deleted a tweet, much less the entire account.

I have never felt that anything I have written was so…indefensible (the kindest term I could think of) that I would be unable to stand behind it.

I sleep very well at night.

When I’m not out chasing delicious Postal Inspector brains, that is.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

48 thoughts on “Maybe Stick With WordPress?”

  1. For whatever this is worth, I also only ever had one twitter account, @BKWatch. I only ever had one blog (unless you count a livejournal account, which I haven't posted to this decade, as a blog).

    CBBS has many email addresses, forum handles (on the same forums). Brett likewise has had multiple handles, uses shared accounts, and also tells other people what to write and then claims he had nothing to do with it. These are the tactics of people who are up to no good. Brett and Bill were up to no good in 2004 when they teamed up to promote Brett's scam "charities" and they are up to no good now when they attempt to retaliate against people for exposing Brett's history of murder, pedophilia, forgery, perjury, harassment, false reports to law enforcement, and being bad at singing in spite of decades of practice.

  2. He's a skeered of court this time. Knows he pushed Hoge too far and that there will be no settlements. His silence is a last ditch attempt to gain sympathy from the judge.

    This disappearance could be major. Might last as long as 48 hours.

      1. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. }:>

        After being sued, libeled, and threatened by him, all just within the last year, he's not going to find any sympathy from this quarter.

        I suspect he won't find it from any when he finally has to reap what he has sown.

  3. Perhaps William's grown some discipline and FOCUS. But probably not.

    He gets a scare thrown into him from time to time, but after a day or two with the voices in his head, he convinces himself that no one as brilliant, brave and rakishly handsome as he is can possibly lose. So he winds up exactly where he started.

    That's our boy.

  4. The Masked Bloviator

    Damn that Hog. He has gone to that retarded court in Appalachia and filed some absurdly fact-challenged and law-challenged complaint. His lawyer will spread her legs for the judge again, and my cogent appeal to facts, reason, and law will go unheeded as the judge stares dazedly around wearing a silly post-orgasmic grin.

    But I have a seekret plan. I shall disappear, slip off my current mask, and don a new disguise. I shall memory hole my latest trail. No one shall find me then. And if they do, they will have NO evidence because of my fantastic internet skills. It may take a while before my legion of fans finds me again, but they are such loyal and dedicated sock-puppets. Eventually, they will hear my voice calling from the ether. I'll have to alter my voice a bit of course to keep the zombie lickspittles from tracking me down. I HAVE it. I'll write an anal rape fantasy involving a troop of GIRL SCOUTS led by some dim librarian, who are all abused by zombies riding time travelling ponies. My fans will know it's me, butt-lover to butt-lover, but the lickspittles think that my fantasies involve only boy scouts so I shall escape their attention and be safe, safe, I tell you. My voice, prized by the discriminating sock-puppet, will once again blast forth in tremendous farts of prose. (My skill at metaphor has not abandoned me.) As for that absurd court up in the mountains, I'll call the public relations office in this civilized county and have that redneck complaint quashed. OMG. My brilliance amazes me.

  5. I'm sure there are more, but I know he has at least three Twitter accounts that are suspended or dormant:

    @PatOmbudsman - suspended
    @radiowiseguy - suspended
    @mklemper - dormant

    1. @BlitzParkinsons - suspended
      @BalmerLiberal - suspended
      @WmsDb - suspended

      Damn, he can't keep a twitter account. Well, obeying the TOS doesn't take MUCH intelligence but apparently more then old Bill can muster up. "World's Stupidest Man ™"

    2. radiowms
      Probably most all associated with 'radio'

      AND LEST WE FORGET - @billschmalfeldt !!!!!!111!!!111111

  6. How do I know, as a matter of scientific certainty, that William is reading this, right now, and white-knuckling himself to not set up another account to respond?

    If he perseveres until noon tomorrow, I'll be mightily impressed.

    But he won't. He can't. He lacks the discipline, the self-restraint and the FOCUS!

    Remember when he sued everyone last spring, and when John sued him? He promised to shut up in his own interest then, too. That resolve lasted, as I remember it, slightly more than twenty four hours.

    It isn't that he's an arrogant idiot, or even a lunatic, that gets him. It's that he's too compulsive.

  7. Let's look at William's life thus far, and see what we can glean from it, shall we?

    He impulsively married his first two wives, to his eternal regret. He couldn't resist provocations from them to the point that it alienated him from his own children forever. His comparatively short time in the private sector was notable for the amount of moving between jobs and even cities that he did. He retired making $90,000 (and if Gail was only making minimum wage, their combined income goes up to about $115,000) a year and he doesn't have a pot to piss in or a boot to throw it out of.

    The very worst insults that we hurl at him are based on things that he gleefully shared on the Internet, which is also true of his experience with the justice system. Even after he knew that he was beset by enemies, he kept tossing them ammunition from his foxhole. When it would serve him best to keep quiet, he yells louder.

    The boy is genetically incapable of acting in his own best interest. He's like a meth freak that's too stupid to even get a good buzz for his trouble.

    1. One needn't look much further back than last week, when he took his complaints regarding The Diabolical Horse Dung Debacle to The Man.

      He told us that he dinged his noggin reaching down to pet his dog. Then he told the police that it was the shock of the horseshit that it, even though his boo-boo happened some fourteen hours earlier. When confronted with his faulty timeline by Father Krendler, he wrote the authorities again to clarify that it was the cumulative effects of the "harassment" that destroyed his center of gravity, despite his repeated public contention that our laughter at him "didn't make no nevermind" .... whatever the fuck that means.

      He knows that his mental state is only about three steps up from Terri Schiavo's, but he still gets an idea in his head, writes it down, and hits "send" or "publish."

      1. Just that Schiavo didn't do anything (as far as I know) to end up where she did.

        The Commodore? Fuck that guy. I'd have preferred to hang around with Terri on her worst day than Tubbo on his best.

      2. I tried to close my "DebbieDowner" tag but it didn't show up.

        Back to regularly scheduled profaning, I say!

  8. He is a coward. He huff and he puffs, but when push comes to shove he always slinks away with his tail between his legs. He can't stand facing anyone because he knows he will lose. Better to run away and hide behind Gail's skirts like the pathetic excuse for a, he'll never be a man....pathetic excuse of a human that he is.


    Today, in confirmation that I must be doing a decent job exposing Team Kimberlin misdeeds, someone (probably Neal Rauhauser) arranged for me to gain hundreds of automated spambot followers accounts.

    If you like, could you keep an eye on: and maybe retweet? And also, I don't know if I will be around a keyboard when twitter @support is around, so maybe you could comment on the thread if it's really warranted?

    This started shortly after I made fun of Neal Rauhauser because he's pimping the service of a friend of his who just got out of jail for a bestiality farm business (crazy, I know) he was running.

  10. Safe link to TIME Magazine:

    I can't wait to read the 30,000 indictments.

    1. I wish I could get finished with holiday things so I could enjoy it too! Not complaining, mind you; very glad I have those sorts of things to do.

  11. So! Anyone been contacted by the Postmaster General? The Effa Bee Eye? Local PD? Angry vicar? Disappointed Brownie troop leader?

    1. No. I'm almost disappointed. I'm sure the emails he sent me would have been of great interest to said investigators. Sadly, I suspect the Feds aren't going to take any action with regard to those either, although who knows how backlogged they are. I'm not deleting them.

      1. We're coming up on 60 hours of silence from William, which has to be a record. He must be terrified!

      2. William is terrified of a lot of things. Hoge, Paul K, Grady, anyone with more then a 4th grade education etc.


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