It Wasn't Me!! It Was the One-Armed Mailman!

I have not contacted Hoge John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt directly, indirectly, through telepathy, in the dream world, through a wormhole or any other means.

I wrote a blog post letter about how Hoge Schmidt was copying from my blog a book in violation of the copyright settlement. I posted a link to included the page number of the offending post passage.

WordPress program The United States Postal Service saw the link letter, and THEY notified delivered Hoge Schmidt the post and the link letter. Not me. Them. But that isn’t the issue here.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “It Wasn't Me!! It Was the One-Armed Mailman!”

  1. Absolutley slap that side of blab in the joint and sell tickets. Lemme drop off a carton of smokes to the nice African tinged residents and copies of his best racist shit. Sell tickets and popcorn.

    1. He will never get anything into his head that doesn't make him out to be the hero in his own personal drama.

      And he really needs to realize that being a Christian actually requires expecting people to be held accountable for their civil and criminal misdeeds. So if you break the law 367 times, maybe, just maybe you shouldn't be surprised to find Christians thinking that you should be required to pay the piper and render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.

  2. William's practically drawing a map to a judge's home will probably prove less than helpful to him in court. My understanding is that they frown on that sort of thing.

  3. Smalfeldty balls, you can't fix stupid ... is forever! Claiming stupid on the pingback will not win browny points with the judge... me thinks?

  4. Imagine a non-Pretendy Land world where Bill stopped contacting Hoge when he was asked to--from the start. I I wonder if he sometimes regrets his own foolish behavior. I doubt it, but I do wonder.


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