I Don't Have to Imagine, There's a Perfect Example Available



I mean, don’t you have to feel for a guy who’s so brain dead that he can’t recognize a fictional parody even when the piece is explicitly identified and labeled as such before the piece begins? And what makes it even worse (and by “worse” I mean MORE EPICALLY GOD DAMN RIOTOUSLY FUNNY) is that the same fool who missed (and by “missed” I mean IGNORED COMPLETELY IN ORDER TO CONSTRUCT A SPECTACULARLY FALSE SET OF ASSUMPTIONS TO JUSTIFY HIS “I JUST SAT ON A WHOLE CHRISTMAS TREE, VERTICALLY” CASE OF BUTTHURT) that fact so badly that he literally tried to make federal case of it, not once, but TWICE??

Imagine being such a dunce that you can’t tell the difference between the shitty (and yeah, that word choice is LOADED WITH PURPOSE) satire you write, produce and perform, versus someone else’s gigantic mockery of you and anyone else who thinks you have ever been funny.


Author: Paul Krendler

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  1. " I feel for people who see sarcasm and mistake it for truth. Especially when they've been told what the truth is, and they cling to myth" Damn near spit out my coffee on this one.. Say hey Bwilly. Where is Jeremy and Chris's apology? You know the people you falsely harassed for months?

    1. That is creepy. Look at the last thread. I posted this photoshop 3 MINUTES after you posted that.


      That is when you know someone has jumped the shark.

  2. This guy is so fucking stupid. I have been playing him like a big, dumb, fat fiddle for nearly four years.

    Every time he swears someone will come knocking on my door, he makes even more of a fool of himself.

    Feds for OBN? BWAHAHAHAHA.
    Ashland City cops? WHATTHEFUCKEVER!
    Postal Inspectors? Now how stupid must one be to give a fuck about a postal inspector? I mean, REALLY.

    Hey, Shakey. Shut your fucking dick holster and hit the bricks. You are a joke. The people in your real life have zero respect for you. What makes you think anyone else will.

    Merry Christmas, asshole. Now go eat a .45.

  3. Yep. A big, weeping pussy.


    1. The irony here is Bill whining about a judge "who had no idea about Twitter" while repeatedly "blundering into a trap" that consists merely of adding "@wjjhoge" to a tweet.


    2. That was my tweet and he wasn't responding because I had been conversing with Mr. Hoge and not the troll. As a matter of fact, the troll was not @mentioned or even referred to by name. Nope, he had to butt his face in where it didn't belong once again and he stepped on his dick. So he lies to a court official to cover his ass. What a cowardly pussy he is.

  4. BS finally confesses that his "parody" about Lee "Strammyham" prostituting his daughter was really about Lee Stranahan and his child:

      1. One of his dishonest shticks is that "Strammyham" did not mean Stranahan when BS was stalking, harassing, tweeting, blogging and broadcasting about Lee and his family every single day at that time. In that tweet, he implicitly admits that a few name changes here and there do not mean something is not about a specific person.

  5. We now pause for a short break while Willy ventures into the greater Twitterverse in order to prove he's edgy and relevant. Only to realize retweets and mentions are as rare for him as glimpses of his toes.

    Oh, this will end in tears.

    1. Radio Weltschmerz @weltschmerz2015 ·
      Having a tweet "favorited" by @mariabamfoo? My cup runneth over with gratitude and melted cheese. #IAmNotWorthy @live365 #veryfunnylady

      .....and mayo

      Yep, tears.

  6. Imagine how much quieter life would be if Bill could find (and understand) an actual definition of libel.

    A good place to start: it is not insults or butthurt. It is especially not: the truth. (yes Bill, you aren't funny, not even remotely)

    Now put on your big-boy pants, if you can find a pair to fit. <----------NOT LIBEL


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