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  2. " And does this reek of jealousy?"

    Troop 69 child audio rape fantasies? Reeking? Ohhh he's such a cutting edge child audio porn producer.....................................

    Iowa has strick laws against Child porn

  3. https://twitter.com/HogeWatch/status/542427265586323456

    A professional comedian, to me, is someone who writes comedy and then sells it for money, even at a crippling loss.

    So either Tub'O just admitted that he is not selling any comedy, or he is not writing anything funny.

    And since this is Tub'O's world, and we just live in it, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE THIRD OPTION.

    1. He is back to referring to himself as an "investigative journalist" and calling people "co-joined" twins. "Co-joined."

      1. Heh. I caught that, too.


        If Blob can manage to spell and highlight his amazing and all-important (/sarc) "monoplacental twin" status... surely "conjoined" shouldn't prove to be all that difficult.

        But, it is... because... Schmalfeldt.

        Did I mention... Dumbass?

    2. Good grief but he's tone deaf. You're not a comedian/humorist/satirist/parodier, bil. You are, in fact, not funny at all. If you had a sense of humor you would have recognized the inflected satire in "...,a professional comedian." Did you not notice the parenthetic comma? It was put there as a mental pause to add weight to the next phrase, thereby inflecting the sarcasm.

      He's mocking you, you pig headed ostomy device; and you can't even put together a cogent response. Here, let me help:

      "Poor Krendler (can't say Grady), I hope he hasn't quit his day job. Cut & paste just won't make it in Vegas."

      Granted that's not my best repartee, but in your case, being slightly self effacing while still meeting the challenge Paul laid out is a break-even. Of course given that you're not funny; you can't really assert that he isn't funnier than you, just that he's merely clearing a very low bar.

      1. Bill is funny in the same way an overflowing with shit toilet is funny. Neither are funny, both are full of shit and both are overflowing with shit.

  4. Cue jet fly over - battleship salvo's - bring in close up of rippling flag

    Our Hero


    Professional stretcher of Truth, Military and Legal Records. Master Assumer's mate 3rd Class
    mildly gay, child porn audio producer, proud owner of the most unsold SKU's and IBN in Amazon History, first unsold author to be forced to remove a book by a federal court. First commando infantry, naval marine airborne rescue swimmer from headquarters division to single handedly invade Beirut, dig bodies out of the rubble while bandaging a knee and blowing a bosum's mate tranny on a stage in Japan.

    Defeater of Hoge by cleverly rolling over and playing dead during legal hearings - further expanding his winning record by doxing dead babies, forging EPWJ's name on an Amazon review and running away pissing wildly from Mr.Grady.

    1. Somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean:

      Alright men, we're going on a mildly hazardous mission, the hazards consisting mostly of sunburn and possible slight dehydration.

      AAAAGGGHH!!!1 Oh GOD! Oh GOD!Oh GOD! My knee! My Knee! I'll never walk again!

      Shit that dumbass is at it again.

    1. No, only half to death of each of them. Now, my following words should require a Haz-Mat call to HoCoFD: Ken "Popehat" White, him he's morbidly terrified of.

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt
    ‏@HogeWatch When did I become a professional comedian?

    When you actually sell something...

  6. I don't fault him for trying to make a go of it, for trying to be creative, or for trying to make extra money. Since I believe in freedom of choice, I choose not to spend my money on his creations. Criticizing his work is fair game, too. What I do fault him for is this obsessive need to attack and denigrate others, and for lying all the time. He just won't stop.

    1. I have never witnessed anyone so thin-skinned when it comes to receiving negative reviews of his work.

      Not to mention... then proceeding to attempt to d0x, sue, and destroy those who find his work to be terrible, far less than entertaining, and downright creepy in a pedophiliac sort of way.

  7. "Goodness. @brainsrfood sure likes to write about poop."

    Anyone wanna take that one out of the park?

  8. Bill Schmalfeldt @HogeWatch
    · 44m 44 minutes ago
    Really. If you hate me that badly where my very existence angers you, shouldn't you do something about it other than sit and bitch?

    Maybe you Id hated you so much it mailed the poop to your Ego?

    1. Just because he hasn't been notified yet doesn't mean stuff may not be happening....

      I had an interesting talk with my local paper today. You know, the one who's screen shot he used without even attribution, never mind permission in "Axis of Weasels", in clear violation of copyright laws, and the paper's website's TOS?

      I also had some interesting, though not as productive as I'd have liked talks with my local SA and police department. Tomorrow I need to go back to the police with more info, and I also need to call the state's FBI office.

      Who knows, they may just give me the "stay off the internet" talk, but then again, this time they may decide to do something about the latest bit of harassment and attempted coercion. No matter what, they will certainly have it on file.

      1. Bravo, LG!

        I'm happy to hear you are addressing Bill Schmalfeldt's threats, abuse, extortion, and harassment through the proper channels.

        I will assume you also informed them of Schmalfeldt's history, and the numerous and current court-issued orders against him for similar behavior.

        Here's to hoping this will be dealt with in a manner you find appropriate.

      2. The problem many of us have is that a lot of states have not brought all of their laws up to the 21st century. So much is based on the world of 1980 (or earlier) when virtually no one would have had to deal with harassment of any sort from someone not local to them. And even if they did, it wouldn't have been so quickly and cheaply broadcast to the whole world via platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or self-publishing.

        But we're working on that. I happen to know both of our new local state reps, so I think I'll be having a talk with them soon. I know my police department would love to have better tools for dealing with these sorts of problems, since from my talk with them today it appears that they get folks coming in with similar concerns on a very regular basis. I'm going to go back to them tomorrow with the specific statute in question, since it don't actually require a threat of physical harm. I've also tracked down the Federal statute that would appear to be applicable to those emails.

  9. https://twitter.com/hogewatch/status/542445803764080642

    The logic comes in when one understands the person in question has proven themselves to be trustworthy and consistent for a long period of time.

    This, of course, is not something the deceitful Bill Schmalfeldt could even begin to understand.

    Just because the Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated (and, admitted) Harasser, Adjudicated Stalker, and all-around Demented Freak lives a life wholly submersed in dishonesty... does not mean others do.

    Truth, forthrightness, and honesty are foreign concepts to Blob.

    "Sterling" reputation. <-- You built it, big boy.

    1. Major premise: A has been truthful with high frequency.

      Minor premise: A has said B.

      Conclusion: Thus, with high probability, B is true.

      It is called probabilistic logic.

      Just in case some do not quite get how it goes, here is another one.

      Major premise: X has frequently been untruthful.

      Minor premise: X asserts that he did not send himself shit.

      Conclusion: Thus, there is a non-zero probability that X did send himself shit.

      If you practice enough, these syllogisms become fairly easy to do.


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