23 thoughts on “FED'RIHL CRAHM!! ELEVENTY!1!11!”

  1. "To: Wayne Kirwan

    cc: – Dario Broccolino
    – Raymond Trodden
    – Jim Marshall
    – Judge Hollander
    – Howard County Police Liaison
    – Someone in Carroll County
    – Kenneth Grote

    From: William M. Schmalfeldt

    Subject: THIS!!!!

    Do you see what Hoge and Krendler have done? They've started a Shit Revolution! If they aren't stopped, we'll all be up to our necks before we know what hit us!

    You know what to do.

    William M. Schmalfeldt,

  2. And William's gone to ground again, this time without an enormous self-pitying announcement.


      1. Oh, are we pretending that he won't be back by Wednesday, at the latest?

        Then you're right. It's a good thing the Internet isn't forever or anything.

  3. I would be crushed if I spent $16.71 cents on a nice gift of horse shit only to have the recipient denied the pleasure of my holiday spirit.

    I'm glad it doesn't usually work out that way.

  4. I can't shit away that kind of dough. I am only a team leader at a burger joint in Mesa, Az with a junkie skank wife's habit to support.

      1. To paraphrase Andy Warhol, in the future, everyone will be Howard Earl for fifteen minutes.

        This is because William is to investigative journalism what Andy Dick is to sober, centered living.

      2. I had to Wiki the name to catch the allusion. Both appear to be train-wrecks in progress, though AD appears to be farther down the tracks.

      3. Excellent point, Neal. And don't forget, I got to be Grace for a little bit. It was mind-blowingly terrific, but not something I could handle full time. And I wouldn't even dare try being Howard or Paul. hahahaha

    1. FUNNY.

      Inspector asked me, "You still on the tire store...?"

      He invents the tire store angle and then asks if I'M still on it.

      The guy truly is a world class dumb ass.

      I know you're reading this, Shakey.

      HUG A ROOT!!!

      1. I should have included a /sarc tag with my earlier comment to make it more obvious I knew the tire store was fictitious. (Any chance you could make me a deal on a set of Nokians?)


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