An Email To…the FEDS!!

The Lord of the Monkeydance sent me the email which appears after the jump. Other recipients include:

– Wayne Kirwan
– Dario Broccolino
– Raymond Trodden
– Jim Marshall
– Judge Hollander
– Howard County Police Liaison
– Someone in Carroll County
– Kenneth Grote


In Which “Paul Krendler” Apparently Admits He and WJJ Hoge Fabricated Evidence in Recent Copyright Suit
December 11, 2014 at 8:00 PM

RE: Howard County Police Report, Case #140120508
HOGE v SCHMALFELDT (Copyright Infringement Suit) 1:14-cv-01683-ELH in the US District Court for the District of Maryland, Northern Division

Dear “Paul Krendler”:

I must tell you I enjoyed your little bit of fiction in tonight’s post on Thinking Man’s Zombie. Feeling a bit nervous about that e-mail I see. So nervous, you create plausible deniability by claiming — in what you will no doubt call “fiction” — that you boys “ginned up” the e-mail that the feds can use to trace you through WJJ Hoge.

If I may quote you…

For your sake, as well as Hoge’s, I hope this IS a work of fiction on your part. Not as good as “Ded Jed,” perhaps, but slick. Thing is, if true, you’ve just caused a bit of trouble for yourself and Mr. Hoge, as the e-mail to which you refer was entered as evidence in Hoge’s misbegotten copyright lawsuit against me. It was his motion to dismiss my motion for Summary Judgment. You recall that, right?

Here’s his list of exhibits,

And here is the e-mail you CLAIM in your “fiction” was “ginned up” to send me on a wild goose chase.

As you can see, “Paul,” I’ve copied officials with the Howard County Police and State’s Attorney’s office, the Carroll County Police and State’s Attorney’s office, and the presiding judge in the Copyright Infringement case that your “fiction” claims you and Mr. Hoge, 20 Ridge Rd., Westminster, MD, “ginned up” an exhibit for. Not being a lawyer, I don’t know what Mr. Hoge can be charged with. And as I am unable to contact him because of the purloined peace order he obtained through deception in August, someone else is going to have to tell him that you have implicated him in a potential attempt to defraud the US Government.

I will leave it to the law enforcement officials copied on this e-mail to see what, if anything, can and should be done. We both realize that Hoge knows where you live, as — if the above e-mail is true and not forged, as you claim in your “fiction” — and I’m sure the proper authorities will wish to contact me.

In the name of “fun” you have jeopardized your anonymity and freedom, and that of Mr. Hoge. I fully intend to find out who mailed an improperly packaged Tupperware container of horse dung to my home, “Paul.” My Parkinson’s disease has done nothing to weaken my resolve to hold whoever committed that vile offense to my family responsible.

Feel free to contact me any time.

William M. Schmalfeldt
Address and Email Redacted


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

155 thoughts on “An Email To…the FEDS!!”

  1. Bill is now foreshadowing another faildox:

    "If anyone is in touch with "nottherealbill" please contact him, tell him to check his gmail account. The story goes live at 1pm ET."

    Fuck the worthless deranged cunt. Who the fuck does he think he is? Maybe the Assmuching Admiral should finish up and FESS UP TO HIS PREVIOUS FAILDOXES before embarking on another Sail Into Fail.

    "please contact him"

    Why doesn't Schmalfeldt contact him himself? After all, being the master doxer investigative journalist and all, he has to have the contact information!

    "tell him to check his gmail"

    Why are we to do that? To provide him with some dubious fig-leaf for the criminal stalking he's planning on committing? Fuck him, I won't become an accessory to a crime for a friend, let alone some pasty-faced tranny-slurping psychotic asshole I've never met and wouldn't piss on if his guts were on fire.

    "The story"? Doesn't the fucktard remember? HE IS NOT A JOURNALIST. That profession has ETHICS, and Mr. Malone did a really fine job PROVING Bill Schmalfeldt does not live up to them.

    "goes live at 1pm ET."

    Ooooh! A DOOM CLOCK! Never saw that before!

    The wit and originality of Bill Schmalfeldt comes to the fore once more!

    If anyone is in touch with Bill Schmalfeldt, could they please pass on the message that he's aboring, predictable, worthless failure and he needs to go die in a fire.

    1. As if we all automatically even know who this person is as well. Biwwyy is just pissing up the flagpole trying to yank chains.

      Go away Bill. Just go away. Seriously, that's all anyone has ever really wanted.

      1. Funny thing, that's all Bill claims he has ever wanted either. But whenever we leave him alone, within a week he's throwing such a targeted tantrum that we can't. Does he go after the two or three people who've not been leaving him alone? No, or at least not solely. He goes after folks like me who haven't made a single comment about him since the 24 hour period right after he "went away". Part of him (a seemingly large part) enjoys making people mad and/or scared, not that he'd ever admit that.

        He's like gollum searching for his precioussss; he thinks we have it, so he can never leave us alone until he gets it. However, instead of a magic ring, he's looking for his "sterling reputation", and can't face the truth that we didn't take it, he gave it away himself, piece by nauseating, threatening piece of writing, phone calls, emails, and tweeets.

  2. Bill Schmalfeldt just tweeted:

    "If the subject of the story wishes to comment, he can send an e-mail or use the comment form."

    Or, he can go straight to filing a criminal complaint.

    Guess what I'd recommend?

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt has blocked Rain. (Yes, yes... Shocked, shocked, shocked again!)

    "I thought I told you people. NO TROLLS!"

    I guess he's prejudiced against his own kind. RACIST! 🙂

    Meanwhile, I wonder how well the lying, hypocritical cunt Bill Schmalfeldt is enjoying the results of blocking ME? If only I could read his tweets and comment on them!


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