What Have We Here?

I got some interesting photographs in the mail this AM. Official-looking postal documents and such.

Let’s have a look, shall we?


This looks like a Certified Mail Green Card! Let’s tick off our well worn checklist:

  1. Properly addressed, no zeroes that look like nines or any such foolishness? — CHECK!
  2. Tracking Label 7014 0510 0002 2025 3662 — CHECK!
  3. Service Type — Certified Mail, Return Receipt for Merchandise — CHECK!
  4. Restricted Delivery (Extra Fee) — CHECK!

That looks like a correctly filled out form.

Let’s see what the US. Postal Service website has to tell us…

 Post Office Website 11-17-14 05-18-40 (click to embiggenate)

Package accepted at 8:32 AM today.  Gee, I wonder what it is?  With the holidays coming and all, maybe it’s a Christmapresent!!!!

I love Christmas!

But probably not…it’s over a month away, and there’s no need for Certified Mail or Restricted Delivery with Christmas presents.

It’s probably something else… oh, the SUSPENSE!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

30 thoughts on “What Have We Here?”

  1. I suspect that I liked the packages that I got in the mail today (new batteries and a battery charger for my phone) more than the recipient is going to like that package. 🙂

  2. I have a decision to make, someone is still marketing explicit descriptions of child rape and other objectionable material within mere yards of a school and in a tightly knit park where children are present.
    I feel that a dossier of the latest material including the disturbing lyrics in possible violation of the states child porn statutes are being done and now that I have all the addresses and the contact for the legal department for the management company, I feel compelled to let them know that a heavily armed person. possibly in conjunction with others, some violent career felons, is producing material featuring young children in sex acts.

    Its a simple thing to build a compilation of the person's online presence and the featuring of all the heavily pornographic tweets, images and lyrics and send it to the concerned parents, and the schools nearby.

    1. Let's not forget that one of the violent felons he pals around with also employes a convicted pedophile. What's that saying about birds of a feather?

    2. I would leave out the "heavily armed" part personally, as I am a rabid second amendment believer that even stupid people deserve to have their guns. And guns don't inherently mean that the small ones in the area are in danger, you know. It is the OTHER parts that are concerning to me. Focus on them. Add in the guns and you risk turning yourself into an easily dismissed nutbag. JMO

      1. Ashterah, I agree with your fundamental beliefs, but we're dealing with Alinskyites. It is inherently necessary to fight fire with fire. The purposeful use of carefully selected trigger words goes a long way to achieving the overall goal. Furthermore Alinsky requires that we make them live up to their own standards.

        Also, consider the audience. It has been proven repeatedly that Howard County, MD is a deep blue Liberal stronghold. As such, these words are effectively the very dog whistles the LSM constantly accuses conservative pundits of using to rally the base. The effect is to halo the target (yeah I know, death threat) with a bright pink glow that the SAs cannot fail to find. Even the most limp wristed Lib clings to the fig leaf of rejecting pedophilia. With a clearly identified subject meeting all of the wrong-think criteria; they can't help themselves but to pounce with cannibalistic glee.

        It is distasteful, but inasmuch as certain of the crimes suggested are felonies, we would be remiss in our own standards if we advocated for a potential felon not being stripped of the privileges associated with the rights of law abiding citizens.

        1. I just disagree that his threat lies within weapons so why bring them into it, you know? I see your point as well but know that it will some day come back around on me, so.... I need to keep armed for that zombie apocalypse you know? :-p

      2. if someone is doing things that raise the most serious of concerns and are most actively consorting with violent felons, its okay to mention that they are armed, since they keep hinting at violence and wanting people to visit them,

        Millions of gun owners don't associate with violent felons, make descriptive child sex tapes, market them world wide, do gay porn, make threats.

        In fact I would say that these very actions are a plus for gun ownership against those very few that pose a smoldering threat to children.

      3. No, don't give up! Your point is valid. We should always push back against those who would limit proper and legal gun ownership and possession. bil may not be fit to own or carry a fire-arm. he has on at least one occasion demonstrated incredibly poor weapon safety and serious disregard for his neighbors health and welfare.

        Unfortunately defenders of the second amendment are already labeled as "gun nuts" and dismissed as "out of touch" etc. etc. Failing to manipulate the very system, that he suckles at, against him would be un-necessarily handicapping any attempts to bring him to justice.

        Think of it as taqiyya تقية except no dishonesty is involved; rather the expectation that adherants to a set of standards and beliefs should ADHERE to those standards and beliefs. They have set the handicap for themselves. They are obliged to suffer the vapors at the thought of a, self proclaimed, demented hominid posting pictures of itself with an "assault rifle" (I think it was either a Glock or a Bushmaster, like that one at Sandy Hook. /sarc ).

        It is up to us to be offended that said rifle was shown with the magazine in place, the bolt closed, the hominid's finger on the trigger and the weapon lowered to a plane certain to be in line with other pre-fabricated mobile domiciles in his trailer park.

        1. Ah I did not know that he was irresponsible and reckless. Then all bets are off because that kind of sloppiness gives ME a bad name, IYKWIM

      4. ashterah,

        My feeling on gun ownership are brutally simple

        1. Any revolver 38 or under can be carried anywhere anytime, w/o restriction no restrictions no registration, no paperwork.

        2. Any rifle bolt action, lever or pump shotgun same same.

        3. All other requires the same program we have in place today

        4. No one anywhere can restrict or confiscate numbers 1 or 2 without cause (restraining orders, crimes)

        5. I leave 3 for the states only - cities communities cannot restrict number 3

        just so you know where I stand

      5. My Dear Whaaat?,

        My feeling on "heavily armed" is thus:

        It is so terribly important that the people of the land be able to defend not only themselves but their fellows; from not only each other, in the commission/prevention of personal crimes; but should the need arise, themselves as a whole nation either from foreign invasion or domestic treachery; that the representative government of a free people must never deign to consider restricting or inhibiting the GOD given right of the people to defend themselves to the maximum extent practicable.

        I can haz runons for $200 Alex?

        I have been told that my grammatical construction is unwieldy and that James Madison wrote something more eloquent a couple of decades ago. I never have bothered to look it up; I mean who cares what some dead white guy wrote over 200 years ago?

  3. I don't want to ruin the nice surprise, but I saw contents of the package prior to shipment. The "shipping instructions" from the originator specified that First Class Mail should have been adequate. The use of Certified Mail shows that the someone is making an extra effort to insure that the addressee gets what is coming to him.

  4. Someone out there has no idea that there are very little public domain music that can be used in any form for production into CD's = not only is it a civil fine but also considered pirating, and on the scale of which the person is claiming - its going to not be something they want to delve into. In almost all cases the use of someone else's property to be distributed without permission is a crime.

    Silly music web-site sharing sites disclaimers notwithstanding

    1. And can anyone tell me what a "BMI certified song-writer" is? I couldn't find any info on BMI's site (or anywhere else for that matter) using that term.

      1. A song-writer who receives royalty payments from BMI for songs that they collect payments for the performance of. The certified song-writer is the person who is legally certified as the song-writer and is the entity that receives their portion of the royalty payments.

  5. that the someone is making an extra effort to insure that the addressee gets what is coming to him.

    Not hardly.

    Given his reprehensible behavior the past two years, he deserves to get a figurative kick in the nuts so hard that the shoe laces would tickle his throat when he swallows.

  6. And I thought Bill was leaving the internet as of this weekend, and taking "everything" with his name on it? Guess not.

    Bill, your string of broken promises is getting longer than that chain carried by the ghost of Jacob Marley in "A Christmas Carol", and probably will weigh even heavier on your soul.

  7. "Your item arrived at our USPS facility in LINTHICUM HEIGHTS, MD 21090 on November 19, 2014 at 5:34 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later."

    The suspense is terrific!

  8. Date & Time Status of Item Location
    November 20, 2014 , 1:00 pm Delivered ELKRIDGE, MD 21075

    Is that fear pee and desperation I smell?


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