51 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking Would Beat Your Ass”

  1. Leave it to the asshole of Elkridge to pride himself on being the subject of three protective orders.

  2. Welcome

    DISCLAIMER -- I am the most desperate and needy comedian in America, if you happen to be anyone with hearing. There are three states who have judges that angrily issued protective orders against my filth that make it illegal for me to even THINK of making porn with their children, that's how disgusted they are. Imagine my moist diapers if I were not exaggerating my importance in this world and could actually get a sale out my CD's any of my books or dance naked on stage with my tranny lover. Still, my audio depictions of sex acts and rape of children scare and disturb parents of small children.. Some hero scientist and protector of women against abusive terrorpedobomberdealer in Maryland, this hero who is kicking my ass repeatedly in court is calling me out on my faux bravery, suddenly the iron fortress of my keyboard seems weaker than a mayo soaked hotdog bun. So I made another cd yeah more cd's now than lifetime sales, yeah showed him and yeah going to probably attack more children too, so there!

    Again. I can not go outside without police escort for me and my wife, everyone lies about me in court case after court case after court case after court case, and one day when my fear pee is under control I will almost show up in court - almost, or s it allmoist?

  3. cbparodyrecords 6:22pm via Twitter Web Client
    Motto: Those who can, do. Those who can't bitch about the doers on their loser comment sections and their unread blogs.

    Every time it looks like he's reached the nadir of self-awareness, he keeps digging.

  4. Out there in the wild wild blue

    was a guy slathered in mayo that said sue sue sue

    so yes indeed they did from the east and the west

    they sued the tranny dancing bastard showing who's best

    then Slathered said, I'm going to rape a scout

    so the victory is his - just ask him he'll tell

    but not of his sales which already do smell

    when the people all realize he hasn't any talent

    nor gifts, nor guise nor parents, nor friends

    nor children who write, only depends

    So now he asks to be sued again

    for he has nothing left

    but attention from judges

    but that his life left nothing but the smudges

  5. Doesn't being a comedian require you to be funny and make people laugh, rather than just be laughed at?

  6. I literally laughed out loud when he compared his fat carcass to Monty Python...

    If I was John Cleese or Michael Palin I would take my 128 yr old butts to MD and kick his ass into next week

  7. Someone should be aware that begging for album sales - is down right HILARIOUS!!!

    "some please buy something please!!!!! or I'll rape another Boy Scout tee hee tee hee"


    Also, if you go to court (no wait after peeing the deck and losing 4 times in front of Hoge then running away) and repeatedly lose, are you a just a vexatious loser?

  8. Poor pathetic loser has to beg other people to wish his son a happy birthday. Man, why does he continue to publicly humiliate himself like that? We all know his kids won't speak to him so why does he need to keep making it public? Does he actually like the humiliation?

  9. "those who can do..."

    Extrapolation of this viewpoint: Schmally's World
    Every last person must be a producer of godawful totes not funny comedy and audiobooks that are either abusive, plagiaristis, or self-serving.
    Starvation is rampant, all entertainment industries collapse and the word comedy now means "pain"

    1. If we want to be creative do we have to do anal rape scenes involving a 9 year old boyscout or can we improvise away from the Cabin Boy's bread and butter formula?

      1. How silly of me.....bread and mayo formula. I swear these days I have the brain of a Zombie.

    2. Isn't it cool when you have a Dumbass who reposts your best bits in their entirety so everyone can enjoy them all over again?

      Some may call it rent free. I call it a veritable touch.

  10. The Liberal Grouch @cbparodyrecords · 1h 1 hour ago
    As I read the tweets of my RW friends, one thing is clear. Racists fucking HATE to be called Racists.

    1. The thought that the troll has friends is laughable.
    2. The thought that he even KNOWS any RW folks is even more so.
    3. A hate filled man, who calls black men "boy" calls others racist?

    Probably one of the stupider things he's vomited into twitter in a while.

  11. Looking at todays tweets and his past history it is my opinion that b.s. is a stalker. I believe if he was able he would be physically stalking his victims instead of doing it by the internet. I use to say he needed to get a lawyer now he needs to be under psychiatric care.

  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/cbparodyrecords/status/537415894671298560
    Worse than murderers, rapists, and racists! And, Pat, if at first you don't succeed....

      1. more unidentifiable photos = more whining, I am sending all the material to the unit at V-med and asking them about what did they know about the child rape audio tapes

      2. more so does the mayolonghero have permission to use V-med and everyone in the picture to promote/sell the audio child porn tapes

  13. Excerpt from letter sent to the staff whose image was used


    Dr R., L Macdonald MD PhD
    Chair Neurology

    Dr. David Charles MD

    Re: Use of your firm and image in the marketing of Explicit depictions of anal Child Rape Fantasies


    We have in our possession screen captures of your firm being used to market the anal rape fantasies of one of your test patients who is actively using his participation in the test and the images to help market audio rape fantasies of boy scouts as young as the age of nine.

    Attached below is the website captured as of 8:00 am eastern time the possible misuse of your firm and your reputations.

    I am sorry to have to bring this to your attention.

  14. Here is their contact information several community leaders today are being informed if I don't hear back from the doctors or their legal representatives - they will be making a tremendous amount of noise if I ask them to.


    Department of Neurology
    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    1161 21st Ave S, Suite A-1106 MCN
    Nashville, Tennessee 37232
    Tel: (615) 936-0060
    Fax: (615) 322-0262

  16. "Sales kicking in for new audiobook, "The Miracle Boys of Slope Oak, Iowa" on Audible, iTunes and Amazon. Thank you."

    Are the reviews?

  17. Note to all organizations - no matter how noble, no matter what the public good, no matter how deep the gifts or sacrifice, you must do background checks.

    Anyone you use even not if an employee - literally becomes attached to you forever, the end of a reputation, the heinous thoughtless smearing that can take place at warp speed by someone that you would least expect it can occur - even from someone you tried to save their life.

    It maybe also impossible for someone who has multiple retaining orders, banned from raising money for some charities, who has a mult year online more than questionable presence, this person maynot be able to rent an apartment, join a community, may face eviction, may face numerous lawsuits from organizations that are not going to be concerned with costs.

    You need permission to use ANYONE'S image in marketing of ANYTHING.


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