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    1. Pretty much what I was getting at over at Hogewash!, gm.

      Tis beyond apparent the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser (and, soon-to-be Adjudicated Stalker) Bill Schmalfeldt is all twisted up, and just chomping at the bit to do or say something really, really stupid.

      I vacillate between the timing being before the weekend ends... or, The Blob trying as he may to prove everyone wrong, and actually holding out until he is served with the "Stalking No-Contact Order" courtesy of the State of Illinois holding him accountable for his dumbassery.

      The third option, of course, being any time in between... because as we all know The Elkridge Horror just can't control himself. It's coming.

      In addition, I'd also wager that no one is going to have to spend an ounce of time searching for his re-branded, online persona. The big, dumb (dump) dope will out himself... he craves and yearns for far too much attention to stay hidden beneath a cloak of anonymity.

      Bill Schmalfeldt is as predictable as the day is long.

  1. A sure sign of a true COWARD. I'll bet Sea Hag turns a 100 tricks tonight. That'll make for some good mayo!

  2. " Tao says:
    November 15, 2014 at 8:40 am

    Dear Bill:

    I am the person who named you the Elkridge Horror. If I could undo the damage I’ve done to you and your lovely wife, I would do so.

    I don’t know what came over me, why I felt it was appropriate to hide behind Hoge’s skirt and fling turds at a person who has never caused me a moment’s harm. But I got caught up in the crowd.

    I just wanted you to know, I apologize.

    They call me Tao. But you may refer to me as what I am.


    It is hilarious to watch him stoop to making up comments from the LS throng to assuage his butthurt. so sweet.

    1. That is a comment that Tao left, and Bill completely rewrote. He used to howl like a trapped coyote when the same thing happened to him.

      If not for double standards he'd have none at all.

      And this is what the voices in his head tell him is creative and funny. To do something others (read: Paul Krendler) would do, and do it 1/1000th as well.

      I suggested to Grady that he should leave his business card in Bill's door - I wonder if that happened. Would love to have seen that through a scope...

      1. "I suggested to Grady that he should leave his business card in Bill’s door – I wonder if that happened. Would love to have seen that through a scope…"

        Oh, my! That would be PRICELESS! LOL!

        Blob would have trying in vain to cram his colossal ass up under his bed so quick had he peeked out one of his cellophane windows and seen Grady stepping up to his rickety, front door.

        Fear pee flowing like a rapid river. Bwahahahaha!

        1. Can't you just imagine this:

          "Hi, Bill. Now that your bullshit peace order has been dismissed, I just thought I'd pop by - because I can - to tell you that tou have my permission to write anything you like about me. And you can go to sleep secure in the knowledge that I will never come to your hovel to beat you up or kill you. You have a nice day."

          mic drop

          THAT would be sweet.

    2. It appears as though the Coward of Elkridge has removed everything except the turds he calls 'comedy' from his cesspool. Guess he got scared that Tao would come kick his ass.

  3. I still think it would be funny to pull to a neighborhood teen, the loafing in the midle of the week kind, pass him a piece of paper with Bills address and promise him 5 bucks for help in finding "this guy who buys gold and guns and also sells under the table smokes out of his trailer", just to put the word out there.


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