Looking For a Recommendation

I have this friend/acquaintance/person I know/sorta dickish person I’ve never met/total asshole in my life who suffers from a perfidious and easily exacerbated neurological disorder.

I’ve been scouring the web for many weeks looking for a truly top-notch independent website/blog with news and advocacy information that might help him, run by a person with a truly sterling reputation, but I’m really not having any luck.

All I seem to come up with are websites selling absolutely atrocious, really vomit-inducing audio which purports to be comedy. I don’t know what sane person would consider this stuff funny, but I guess even people who are that far gone need a laugh too, I guess. Or not.

Anyway, if someone out there (I’m looking at you, Rick Buchanan) could point me at a cool, well-designed and informative website like that, I’d really appreciate it.


Author: Paul Krendler

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    1. Hey! My hubby is a wonderful asshole! Stop denigrating your average workaday asshole 😀

  1. Jumonji Giri

    Wrap the upper blade portion of a tanto with rice paper. Griping the tanto firmly, plunge the blade into the left side of the abdomen just under the rib cage. Make a straight horizontal cut across the abdomen, from left to right, with a sharp pull upwards. Sit quietly for the next half-hour or so.

  2. I would also recommend avoiding sites where the owner/creator has left all the place-holder posts and comments intact.

  3. "What I don't understand is why God-fearing Christians like Chris Heather want me to kill myself. Can anyone explain that?"

    1. I'm not Chris Heather.
    2. Not "God fearing" nor Christian.
    3. It would be funny. And Fun. And all I have...

  4. I'm a non-violent kind of person and "the cure", while hilarious, is just too awfully violent and terribly messy. How about a nice quiet poisoning, a delightfully numbing OD perhaps?

    1. Gail should do a quick read on some of the poison control sites, just to make sure no common household toxins ever make it into Cuz Bill's chow...

      Because no coroner is ever going to do anything to Bill's corpse but assume he's got a ham sandwich wedged, alá Mama Cass...

      1. If he's annoyed his local coroner as much as he has various law enforcement personnel all over the country, I suspect that the coroner would be more likely to conduct a DESECRATION than an INVESTIGATION.

      1. is helium as reliable as N2 or CO?, both have pretty good track records, while despite generations of squeaky voiced experimentation there has been no history of tragic incidents, heck they even use it in dive mixtures to replace N2 and reduce decompression. I think for surety you need the classics.

      2. Problem with N2 is, they don't sell portable tanks down at Party City, and it would be difficult to explain a tank of N2, unless Gail has taken up pressurizing her kegs of stout with it.

        CO2, N2, and He are all suffocating agents, through the displacement of O2.

        CO, on the other hand, kills by interfering with the transport of O2 by the blood.

      3. See the thing is, you think your body tells you it wants Oxygen (O2.) It doesn't.

        Hold your breath. Keep holding. That "gotta breathe gotta breathe gotta breathe" thing you're feeling? Decreased blood pH due to excess carbonic acid, that is CO2 dissolved in the blood.

        Easiest way to go, breathe pure N2, Ar, He, any other inert gas; you blow off CO2 so no buildup, you are fine until you pass out and just do not wake up.

        Nastiest way to go is CO2; you wake up deperate for air, and can't get any, you drown awake and desperate. There are volcanic lakes in Africa that burp up cubic miles of lethal CO2 and leave valleys of dead in their wake.

      4. Actually a couple of heavier than air inert gases have unique safety procedures.

        SF6, Sulfur Hexafluoride, is inert, highly resistant to high voltage, flavorless and heavier than air. If you pass out from it, the correct medical procedure is, drag you clear, grab both ankles and hold you upside down until the gas falls out of your lungs because it is so damned heavy you can't breathe it out on your own.

  5. For an asphyxiant, might I suggest N2O (nitrous oxide).

    It is safe for partying when used with a demand regulator (SCUBA style) and a hose. You lose the ability to keep the hose to your lips long before you suffer from lack of oxygen. Balloons work too recreationally, but lack class.

    But with a constant flow regulator, a face mask, and a tank with, say, 20 - 30 minutes worth of gas, you're toast. It has the benefit of being an anesthetic as well as causing asphhyxiatiion.

    And you can buy it in bulk for "whipped cream" for your "catering company" nudge nudge.

    But that's not how I would (will?) do it. My way is simple. About 3 bundles (30 bags) of heroin in one shot. Push the plunger and night night. No pain, no chance to change your mind halfway through, a relatively neat corpse (just remove the syringe from the arm and you're good to go.)

    As for the actual subject of this post, I'm not sure what kind of site you want recommendations for. Maybe I'm being dense, but could you clarify please?


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