Just Trying To Be Neighborly

Now, it occurs to me that while there may indeed be readers out there who are “scrambling to silence” a primary source of pointage and laughery in this space, I prefer to take a slightly different tack.

A brief consideration of recent history leads one reasonably to conclude that @WMSBroadcasting will also be suspended soon, which will leave our friend with no Twitter presence whatsoever.

That would be sad.

So I thought, given the great success of yesterday’s Air Quote contest, that we could apply our collective creativity to the problem of choosing a new Twitter handle.

I really think there is only one rule – please self-check that your suggestion is not already taken by an existing Twitter user. You’d be surprised how many mayonnaise-related handles there are, trust me.

I already have a couple suggestions in the bucket, so I will list them here along with a new one to kick off the fun (all I have is FUN):




Author: Paul Krendler

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90 thoughts on “Just Trying To Be Neighborly”

    1. You have to love this guy. THIS PROVES IT! I KNOWS IT! @embryriddlealum is Chris Heather. Um yeah no ya big dummy. Pay attention. We told you weeks ago that the real Chris Heather was informed of what you've been up to,and he IS paying attention now. One of the Knot boys ran into him, and well we filled him in. You know, its election season. It was bound to happen. You'll be dealt with more after the election. We are busy,but I am glad we sent him all those screen shots of your libel and harassment. You're welcome .

    1. Living his life, and [not] selling his art won't get him to his sweaty-palmed happy place.

      He has no interest in rebuilding, maintaining, or even defending his online reputation. Perhaps it's because he has neither fact or logic on his side, but it's an obvious truth that he'd rather waste his remaining time on this planet ineptly and ineffectually attempting to inflict suffering on those he has latched onto as cherished enemies.

      The opposite of love is not hate, it is INDIFFERENCE. His greatest fear isn't that we will humiliate him [some more], or that he'll embarrass himself with FailDoxes, lame forgeries, etc... It's that we'll simply tire of him, move along, and leave him to wallow in his freakish misery.


  1. @she"fell"again

    So there's an even 30 off the top of my head...

  2. It's amazing how this guy has no concept of boundaries. I'm not just talking about the doxxing. For example, around the time of this latest twitter contretemps he was airing his estranged adult daughter's dirty laundry to some guy he was trying to intimidate. It's beyond not having a filter. Pretty sure it's a symptom of something, and I ain't talking about Parkinsons

  3. while it's nice of Little Bitch to offer alternate twitter names for us "sock puppets" the truth that escapes him (as is usual with him) is that we don't get suspended for harassing others, posting other peoples personal information such as names, job info and home residence.

    in fact NO one here has been suspended in all the time that HE has been suspended over 50 times....

    maybe if he tried to stop being a little bitch he wouldn't either, but then liars gotta lie, and harassers gotta harass don't they?


    1. And if he emerges with another Twitter handle, I will allow him to keep it. He can post names, addresses, photos, addresses. Whatever he pleases. They of course will have nothing to do with me. Because he doesn't possess that skill set.

      He will lose it (again) when / if he begins his @mention harassment. That is the only rule I require him to live by. The rest? I don't give a shit.

  4. Yes Bill,

    I am a lurker, and I will say it - you are correct, Howard has always been Chris Heather. Yep you convinced me that publishing not publically available pictures (naturally, you didn’t read the TOS of the site you lifted the pictures from did you?) and then Twitter took you down – so you added a cause to an effect and leaped to another conclusion. Sure you convinced me, so what, so freakin what? The only person who has to fear from the law is you.

    AS far as any scintilla of criminal charges – as you are most definitely a public figure plus, your constant mentioning and pictorializing of your wife and mother in radio broadcasts and – oh please god forgive me for having to use this term – and written literature – they and you are open to public scorn, derision, praise, or whatever freedoms the people have THE RIGHT to do to public figures. You cannot meet the level of malice that if a conservative supreme court will let a preacher be described as an incest riddled sociopath, then the very mild teasing of your huge inconsistencies isn’t going to change the game. You can write about Ali and Karl forgetting that you are open to the same treatment

    Before you actually think that there is some vindication here, you may want to take a step back and remember some points. First, it was me that got finally through to twitter legal and they will at any time, remove you from their website. The time frame for them to act is usually about a week, so publishing illegally the pictures of his house (whoever’s house that was) it wasn’t Howard that brought you down, it wasn’t me, it was most likely complaints from law enforcement, other websites and organizations.

    So its a matter of contrivance that Howard=Chris. You have nothing but explanations not contemplations - if you arrive at any intake in Wisconsin, the odds of you not leaving that appoint without a makeup session and some photos and a arraignment would be greater than anything Heather would be facing.

    You have threatened, called, written, and testified in court and the end result is – only you have had to sign summons in pee pants on the porch or been forced to remove material from the web.

    I had a friend reach out to Racine, guess what, they called Eric, they called him several times wanting to know who the pictures of the girls were and who was the woman you were saying was screwing her son. There was and is no “investigation” of the person known as “Chris Heather”.

    However there most likely is a folder on you there and in some town in Virginia where I actually called and again nothing was happening. They acknowledged the receipt of a large damaging volume of material on you though.

    As you most likely have received the latest breakthrough medications for Parkinson’s – I can hear the differences in your voice and the subtle changes in your writings – in my opinion you seem to be greatly improved and God Willing, I hope you recover enough of your senses that you can be incarcerated without much additional cost to the state.

    1. From reading your comment I get the feeling that you are/where connected/involved with law enforcement, possibly on a Federal or High State level.

  5. Soooo, yet again he says he's going to get a handle that has NOTHING to do with any of us and that he's going to go about his business and expects to be left alone, will leave people alone, etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

    How many times do we have to hear this? Will BS actually follow through on his word? Tune in next time as the Fatboi Turns....

    1. if he'd actually, you know, leave others alone, he would be left alone, hell he already is right up till he starts his shit again and he knows it..

      face it little bitch, you have no life and look to us to give you reasons to get out of bed in the morning..


      1. HE'S ALREADY DOING IT. How do I know? He stated that he is hard at work on another CD about all of us. As soon as he finishes it after an hour's worth of work, he will start tweeting things about people again, or jumping into conversations in order to start altercations that will allow him to claim victimhood once again.

      2. Exactly, Rain! We're all he has because he's so loathsome he's been rejected by his own children, and virtually anyone else who's ever had contact with him.

        Cyberstalker, adjudicated harasser, slapped with multiple restraining orders from multiple states, repeated cuckold, Bill Schmalfeldt is so vile he has even been rejected as an advocate for a large Parkinson's charity! Keep in mind, it was an unpaid position; in fact, he purported to be a donor to the Parkinson's charity. How foul must one be to be kicked to the curb from unpaid advocacy?

        A Reader #1 - We're pretty much his entire life. Even his wife, pretty much the only person who has anything to do with him, holds him in such contempt that she mocks him when he cries. Without us, what else could he possibly talk about? He doesn't have friends, family, etc. that normal people talk about, and that actual comedians riff about.

        SchmalFOOL pretending to be comedian is about the equivalent of him deciding one morning that he's going to be the lead singer in a boy band. At least at the latter, he'd have a difficult time being worse at it than his "excellent friend." hahahaha

  6. Before you blow another unimpressive twitter account - Heather is not Howard, to my knowledge as many as six people have played Howard - there is no single person named Howard

    But have a nice day....

    1. I looked up "blow another unimpressive twitter account" in the Urban dictionary but there's only a picture of some dent headed loathsome .,..Thing.

  7. My comments keep disappearing. Anyhow, he's back at liberalgrouchcd.
    "You will just have to have to find a new hobby, because I just don't have the time or patience for your foolish, junior high school antics."
    This comment from a guy whose avatar is a cartoon pic of Hoge, as a pig, with poop on his face.

  8. Bill Schmalfeldt "...think they know me well enough to hate me. You don't knowe a God Damn Thing about me other than what you're told. Now scoot. Daddy's busy."

    Here's a fact, Krendler's Monkey will always be Knot My Wisconsin's Bitch!
    You can not escape this indelible truth, oedipal troll.
    Even now you dance to the predestined tune set before you.
    Own It! Live It, mayonnaise breath!
    Or take the cure Shakey and stop the dance.

    1. Bill Schmalfeldt “…think they know me well enough to hate me. You don’t knowe a God Damn Thing about me other than what you’re told."

      Bullshit, Fatass. I have watched you with my own two eyes try to get people fired for the audacity of posting things you don't like. I have seen your total failsauce efforts to Dox people. I have seen you harass innocent bystanders when your faildox brings them into your line of fire. You see, Sir Twatwaffle, I know all about you. Your a fucking bully who needs a serious life-calibration... and I laugh my ass off when you get your lame-ass handed to you again and again and again.

      Your problem is people now know the TRUTH about your sorry ass... and THAT is what pisses you off the most.

      1. Oh, say, thanks for reminding me...

        Did Bill ever say whether he contacted Patrick Grady's new company in an effort to get me fired?

        I know he said he was planning to, but he's such a lying, cowardly, bullying sandy vulva, you know. He really should give us a solid confirm/deny on that.

      2. He popped off about it on Twitter.... but don't know for sure if his sandy vagoo ever followed through.

  9. While that was beautiful and all; "@Focus!. It's available, I checked.

  10. "See, when you have a Premium LinkedIn account, you get to see who's trolling you. I probably shoulda kept that secret. But, hey."

    A secret, Seaman Slurper? Like none of us would know this without your vast cyber-skills.

    You pompous, ignorant fuck.

    Did YOU know, that as a Premium member, I can block you from seeing that I've viewed your profile?

    Marilynn should have swallowed.

    1. Im going with Howard on this one...the @twatwaffle would take three days trying to figure out what a premium account is!

    2. See, I don't care that you saw me looking at your LinkedIn page.

      Looking at your LinkedIn page is not trolling. its what normal people call "looking"

      plus I wanted to trigger your paranoia cause you're like that.

      And what does an repeatedly indigent person such as yourself pay for a premium account with?

      And what does a non-sales making, non-readership generating person such as yourself need with a LinkeIn premium account? do you happen to regard this as part of your indispensable dox tool basket? shall we share that with the LinkedIn sysadmins?

      1. Lowest cost Premium plan is $30 a month. That's $360 a year. Wonder why he didn't disclose that expense to the court? Hey, that's almost enough to pay for his own law suit instead of foisting his expense on the taxpayers. Like he does with the rest of his life.


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