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    1. Apparently, Paul isn't Patrick Grady any more, and writing parodies is now illegal. Hey, who has just recorded a slew of parody CDs? His name escapes me, but he's better watch out since it's illegal. He also seems to think that anyone visits his site without using TOR.

    1. start emergency shut down procedures

      everyone turn your res judicata keys one turn to the left

      open Hogewash magic popcorn maker

      insert premeasured bag of derision flavored kernels

      set time to family feltdown

      hit with pictures power level

      go back to viewing

  1. wow, just wow, just wow

    some literary greats were estranged from their families, some, not all..

    6 kids
    6 billion customers
    no sales

  2. He really is pathologically incapable of seeing himself though the eyes of an impartial observer.

    Never before have I seen someone so insistent on s#!tting in their own hat and pulling it down over their ears.

    He must be convinced he's demonstrating his victimhood and justifying his unjustifiable actions... But all he does is feed us more and more TMI illustrating what an abject failure he is as a father and (technically) a human being.

    What a piece of work he is.

      1. I find it entertaining to consider that his CDs should be bought now, because they'll SKYROCKET in value (to what? A nickel?) after he's (DEATH THREAT ALERT) murdered!

        From the perspective mentioned in a previous post, what wokld be the motive for murdering a defenseless old invalid who just wants to donate his body to science?

        1. So a killer could be defiling corpses to reduce the bureaucracy? Very "militant Tea Party," I'm sure he'd approve. Or maybe the killer is for-hire by a family with an elfin angel set to die without a transplant. An anti-hero killer who makes the tough choices (for money) that society must shy away from...


    1. Is he back to having that power again?

      I thought that was reserved for Officers of the State.

      Except on alternating eve-dated fifth Sundays in months with lunar eclipses when Tom Brady throws five TD passes. Or something.

    1. Here is a fabulous strategy: when a bunch of people on the Internet that don't like you say something you don't like, talk about painful, embarrassing personal family issues!!!! That'll show 'em!!!!!!

  3. Maryland Code
    Subtitle 7 - Extortion and Other Threats
    Section 3-706 - Extortion by written threat.
    § 3-706. Extortion by written threat.

    (b) Prohibited.- A person, with the intent to unlawfully extort money, property, or anything of value from another, may not knowingly send or deliver, or make for the purpose of being sent or delivered and part with the possession of, a writing threatening to:

    (1) accuse any person of a crime or of anything that, if true, would bring the person into contempt or disrepute …

    (c) Penalty.- A person who violates this section is guilty of a felony and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or a fine not exceeding $10,000 or both.

    1. But wait - who is the alleged victim?

      This person in Belleville, IL who seems to possibly know and/or be involved with his estranged family, or me?

      And of course, would I file charges in this alleged crime, would the faildox victim file charges, or would one of us simply report the crime to someone who actually has the power to do so?

      It's so awfully confusing, understanding the vagaries and inconsistencies of the law...

      1. As far as I could tell from his posts today, Paul = Patrick = E.S. = possibly Howard therefore also = Chris = Robin and I'm sure a few others are in there. So you either have a really great case of multiple personality syndrome, with each personality having a separate zip code (or the ability to teleport) or you must keep a spreadsheet/db program going to keep track of who is talking to whom about what.

        I'm really impressed at how well you've managed to hide from him that you are his son-in-law.

        May I suggest "I am the Walrus" (with a side of 5150) for Wednesday?

      2. Can't imagine why his adult children want nothing to do with him. I mean, after abandoning them as children (probably attempting to avoid paying any support), he now has no compunction whatsoever about #faildoxing them. SMH

        Yeah, he couldn't have any of his (imaginary) friends leave comments about his #failed efforts at writing and recording because he was worried about the harassment they'd get. But his own adult children? No problem, put out everything he (thinks) he knows about his adult children, to the people he claims to believe are dangerous and crazy.

        This totally self-alienated failure is a walking rolling, talking* typing, self-proving fallacy. How do we know he lies constantly? Because he tells us he's lying constantly.

        *All he has is typing - no one will speak with him. Certainly not twice.

  4. Looks like the Great Purge is on - someone's Twitter page is suddenly private.

    You know, when you avoid doing illegal things, like stalking and extortion, and avoid appearing as a galled, suppurating hemorrhoid to your fellow man, life is one hell of a lot less stressful.

    Think on it...

  5. the sadness of the madness of the desperation of his situation lends to the doxing of family to fill his depends

    1. Wait one cotton-picking millet! Kamut prove he can ear the tune? I don't think he ears the durum beat at all. If he could, he wouldn't be so bulgur.

      1. I'm better at one-offs, as well. This was too good to resist, though I suppose I could have...but where's the FUN in that?

  6. Wow, Bill sure is proud of doxing those that used their real names. He is such a smart boy. Hey, guess who I doxed? BILL SCHMALFELDT! After much digging and using my super investigative journalist skills I found he was the man behind the twitter accounts called Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Now bow down to me and my awesomeness.

    1. Yes, he's a genius at doxing people in plain sight.

      Now ask him why he did it, and see if he answers.

      But do be sure to ask the stupid snatch-sniffing puppyfucker in the most polite and respectful manner that you can manage with vomiting

  7. Was thinking of taking a road trip... anyone ever been here?

    [Sorry - but when it comes to things like this I prefer not to sink to his level. Besides, it's common knowledge anyway, even Bill could dox himself-PK]

    1. [Sorry - but when it comes to things like this I prefer not to sink to his level. Besides, it's common knowledge anyway, even Bill could dox himself-PK]

      1. [Sorry - but when it comes to things like this I prefer not to sink to his level. Besides, it's common knowledge anyway, even Bill could dox himself-PK]

        getting close?

      2. ok ok, there are other public venues to post driving directions and pictures of interesting trailers.

  8. "False, counterfeit, automotive transportation vehicle visual check inspection paperwork forms from the Motor Vehicle Department of Motor Vehicle Office of Redundancy Office?"

    I would be under outside laughing my ass off if I wasn't so busy.

  9. Who, exactly, is Willy faildoxing? It looks like he's conflated 3 or 4 people into one, big bad guy.

    My God he's a mess.

    1. Let me see if I've got this straight...

      The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt apparently possesses a Blob-size deal of animosity toward his daughter Kendra (as she decided long ago she cares not to have anything to do with him)...

      ... soooo, BILL SCHMALFELDT (Kendra's father/grandfather to her children) is going to d0x Kendra's husband (Blob's son-in-law and the father of Blob's grandchildren)?

      Have I got that right? Because, if so... WOW. JUST WOW.

      I could be wrongly interpreting what I'm reading, but if not... it appears The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has now taken to d0xing and harassing HIS OWN FAMILY MEMBERS.


      1. Except that the fellow he's doxing's wife is now someone named Sonia

        And he's going to get the her employer involved, because:

        The Liberal Grouch @liberalgrouchcd · 35m 35 minutes ago
        There's a story here, it involves government security and trolling. Were any government assets used in said trolling, libel, smearing?

        I don't think his current plan is particularly well thought out.

  10. I just check in to see if William had managed to imprison anyone yet, and I find that Paul is now a second, perhaps third, person.

    William makes me happy.

  11. OH my, looks like Little Bitch is about to harass the WRONG person.. in more ways than one....


  12. And he's threatening someone's wife. Again.

    And he wonders why the folks he attacks don't leave his family out of it anymore.....

    1. and there he goes...
      PAUL is responsible for Little Bitch's harassment of this @shaka49 person, not Little Bitch himself.
      and if @shaka49 wants Little Bitch to leave him alone, the @shaka49 needs to make Paul tell him Little Bitch who he really is, (along with taking TMZ down that was the requirement to get his personal pics removed from Bitch's TL)

      good lord his dementia has really taken ahold hasn't it??

      I do hope @shaka49 has reported Little Bitch, to Twitter for TOS violations....

      1. I reported him as posting personal information and harassing, as well as reminding them that they've banned/suspended him numerous times in the past.

    2. Yup. The cognative dissonance is huge. But then again this is the man who photoshopped a woman on a cactus-penis and doxxed a baby. Shitstain on the diapers of humanity, thy name is William Schmalfeldt.

  13. Willy's really off the rails right now. He's telling an innocent person that if Krendler doesn't shut down this blog, he'll continue to harass him. This is ugly.

    1. This is bad. Now, Blob is bitching about people rushing to @shaka49's defense.

      Who sits around and watches an innocent person be stalked/harassed/grilled by a Deranged Cyberstalker?

      The Elkridge Horror is out-of-control.

  14. Oh my. He's literally holding an innocent person's online ID hostage. And the person's got a family member that is associated with high level government employees. I'm sure this will end well.

  15. I'm sure it does seem odd to Little Bitch that others would "defend" an innocent person who isnt involved in the blogs Little Bitch hates and wants to take down..
    after all, its not like HE'S ever had anyone defend him, of course you can't defend the indefensible.
    so even though I know FOR A FACT that this @shaka49 is NOT Paul, I'm somehow confirming it if I were to advise him (as TJ has done) to report Little Bitch for harassment...

    5150 here he comes...

    1. I've stated as much far too many times to count... the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt simply cannot grasp why good-and-decent people support and help defend innocents against evil.

      "In order for evil to flourish, all that is required is for good men to do nothing." (Edward Burke)

      Truer words have never been spoken.

  16. William's logic is one of the great loves of my life.

    "I will, through the power of delirium and JOURNALISM, convince myself of something. Then I will attack somebody else with my dark and impressively demented theories UNLESS a third party clears the person I'm attacking because I'm not responsible for being ignorant, wrong or an asshole."

    I never tire of it. No wonder most of his family died of shame, which I'll wager is in the autopsies.

  17. I hope the latest #faildox victim reads here - If he wants that info taken down, he just has to report it to twitter. They'll cancel SchmalFAIL's twitter again. Then he'll have to start all over accumulating a great big dozen followers, even through begging. hahahahaha

  18. The Liberal Grouch ‏@liberalgrouchcd · 16m16 minutes ago
    And if the lying sack of shit Hoge thinks me irrelevant, why is there a whole website devoted to me?

    Its fun to point and laugh at people who think waaaaaay waaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaay to much of themselves

    There are whole television channels and shows dedicated to people crashing and burning -

    The right to remain silent and to stay out of other people's business is something that could remedy this need of his


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