"Oh, I'll Take 'PLAGIARISTS' For All the Money in the World, Alex!"



Thank God I have no friends online. Friends who know how to return a favor. Friends who trust me to help them PUNK a brother, and who will help do it again a couple months later.

Strike two. Loser. Only 6.85 Billion less 2 to go.

Your number…I HAZ IT!



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

220 thoughts on “"Oh, I'll Take 'PLAGIARISTS' For All the Money in the World, Alex!"”

  1. Bye Bill, tomorrow after labor day you go on permanent ignore - your doxing will not bother us - your taunts will not bother us - you cannot do anything to us - threaten subpoenas threaten federal lawsuits - threaten away


    1. He makes it sound like Hoge physically restrained him.

      Makes you wonder what the critter's fantasies consist of.

      On second thought, not going there.

      1. The Most Irresponsible "Man" in the World.

        He claims he checked the court docket when he got home from the doctor. What exactly prevented him from checking it beforehand?

        Did HOOOOOGE commandeer his computer?

        Only a weak-minded, neutered, self-loathing fool would run around the interwebz proclaiming it was someone else's responsibility to insure they showed up for a court hearing.

        A man-child. A deranged, irresponsible, lying man-child.



    "The Adult" Bill Schmalfeldt:

    "poop-flaked lying mouth"
    "I shot SQUIRRELS at him from out of my ass"
    "quivering c#nt"
    "flowering little monkey vulva"
    "urinate on the unconscious body"
    "the testicles God gave a goldfish"
    "spineless quivering train of snot"
    "shit-drizzling lap dogs"
    "If I was looking for sperm... I'd check your chin"
    "hairless dog vulva"
    "cow vulvas"
    "little corkscrew piggy pee pee"
    "pink little pee holes"

    Forty-eight hours of The Blob's Greatest "Adult" Hits.

    Yeah. I don't think I'll be taking advice on maturity from the Elkridge Horror anytime soon.

      1. Big, dumb dope just hates that.

        And, when he starts digging for insults regarding "LOLOLOL" you know he's desperate.

        He's got nothing. He's been owned... AGAIN!

        And, deep down in that dark, dank, soulless shell... he knows it.


  3. HE'S DYING! Again... and, again... and, again.

    What a sniveling, whining, drama queen.

    @ComedyVengeance: Oh well. I'll probably be dead in three years. Hoge can sue me then.
    8/30/14 3:16 PM


    From June 8, 2010... the same "dead in three years" DOOOOOM!

    "Well, Yabba Dabba Freakin’ Doo! By the averages, I have about 3 years to live.

    So, yes. Maybe I WILL have that pint of ice cream tonight!

    OK, do we have any salt to rub into this wound?

    “Our observations have some practical applications. Visual hallucinations, frequent falling, and early cognitive decline should be absolute contraindications for deep brain stimulation surgery…A more benign prognosis should not be assumed when these milestones occur in relatively youthful patients.”

    OK. I had DBS before I had hallucinations, before I started falling and before I had these concerns about dementia. No word if the DBS is going to hasten my death.

    How ’bout some hot fudge on that ice cream, Jimmy! And put a cherry on top.

    So, set your timers, kiddies! If I’m still blogging on June 8, 2013, we’ll have a party."


    Does he EVER finish ANYTHING he starts?

    Poor Gail. *smh*

  4. https://twitter.com/ComedyVengeance/status/506045684815249408

    It certainly wouldn't do to lose the respect of someone with William's Google search results, now would it?

    1. If only Mr. Weigel had pasted Ali's face on some of William's gay pornography, William would have nominated him for a Pulitzer! Dave could have also gone public with a doxing before confirming the result thereof, which William has endless respect for.

      I just don't know how David keeps a job without all that penis and failure. What's becoming of journalism?

      1. Perhaps I'll write a book. "Penis and Failure: The Journalistic Misadventures of William M. Schmalfeldt."

        Perhaps Mr. Kimberlin will grant an interview.


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