8 thoughts on “HoCoPoPoShoBillPO,TellBillNoMoNoMoNoMo”

  1. Ha, even the Mook can't seem to gin up any sympathy for him. Funny how Bill's "friends" seem to want to see the worst for him isn't it? Almost as if they weren't really friends at all, but just people pushing a sad, pathetic, desperate man to do their bidding.

  2. The world's greatest living legal scholar and senior partner at Acme Law, better known as the Elkridge Horror, fails to show up for a hearing in which he is a defendant and he claims that the opposing party owed him a heads up?!! It would seem to me that the only head that is up is the cretin's head up his own slithery ass coated with remnants of mayonnaise. Smuckfield walked right into a classic trap by personally attacking Sir Paul and now cries bitter tears.

    What a maroon!

    Better be sure, Billy Boi!


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