Intentional Self-Infliction Of Emotional Butthurt Is Not a Tort


“Everything that happens to you now is entirely your own doing.”

-Bill Schmalfeldt

That will be a good one to remember.

Everything coming down the road could have been avoided.  It could have been avoided with equal measures of self-respect, self-esteem and self-control by the author of this:


Sadly, he possesses none.

But what was the likelihood of that ever happening, from a guy who dribbles out the top of his head?


20140607-205106-75066229.jpg“Except for the Peace Order,

I’ve won every battle.”








Truer words were never spoken:  All that is required to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt, is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

38 thoughts on “Intentional Self-Infliction Of Emotional Butthurt Is Not a Tort”

  1. "... you are aware of my difficulties with communicating on the telephone."

    EXCEPT when I'm hellbent on d0xing little, old ladies via... wait for it... wait for it... wait for it...

    THE TELEPHONE!!!11!!

    Bill Schmalfeldt wouldn't recognize "TRUTH" if it came up and bit him in his ginormous, gelatinous ass. Liar.

    1. Oh Lord, I had completely forgotten his claims that he couldn't use the telephone well at all. Snicker.

      1. I know, right? Think about it... is Gail schlepping his ginormous, gelatinous ass around every time he has a damn question to ask of S.L.I.M.E... or, on top of a gazillion, annoying, rabid emails could he be making a phone call or two, as well...



  2. And if he wants to try and show his sophistication by using Latin at least he could damn well spell it right. Or maybe he speaks withdrawl.

    1. Interesting how SEALED court documents ended up on yours, you lying-sack-of-gack.

      Care to explain?

      Didn't think so.


  3. Bill, I posted this late yesterday, so you probably missed it, I hope Paul doesn't mind me reposting it because the answers are rather important:

    Could you please give us examples of specific posts that you would consider “doxable”?
    What was said by people you recently exposed?
    I’d hate to get into the crosshairs.

  4. His understanding of even his own situation: He has painted himself into a corner, is holding the paintbrush and accusing Hoge of paint related malfeasance.

    Mr. Schmalfeldt: The Examiner dropped you for good reason and then you tried to write for them under a pseudonym. You can't just pretend to be someone else, and then write about poor, abused Bill Schmalfeldt. Paint on yer fingers there.

    Same thing with Facebook. Somehow a private company does not want you using their service, and you blame it on others. What did you put on Facebook which was out of bounds? Look at those shoes! Drips of paint.

    If Hoge and his friends have damaged your name online, didn't you help them out by passing off anal rape fantasies as commentary, asking offensive questions of a grieving mother, and publishing private biographical information about people who anger you? And get it wrong? Who's holding the paint brush?

    And the 366 charges -- good Lord They were hundreds of contacts (tweets) to WJJ Hoge when a judge or two had already told you to STOP contacting Hoge. They were not dropped. You went through mediation with Hoge and you each agreed to terms. If anything, you took the civil law equivalent of a plea bargain. Insome places you can take a plea and NOT admit you committed the cime. You did that. Stop lying and telling the world they "were dropped," as if they had no merit. Hey, is that a can of paint Sherman Williams there at your feet?

    You have options. First. Try not blaming others. Just for a week or so. See how it works. Try extra hard to see this from the other side.
    Second, ask that doctor about your meds. There are lots of options which might help. I'm NOT trying to be a jerk -- but I'm suggesting you could benefit from professional help. No. Seriously. (Please folks don't add mean stuff about this. I actually am serious)
    Third: Write about SOMETHING except how hurt you are. Write a sequel to the truck driver book. I read the first chapter online. It was not half bad.That's about as far as an official Lickspittle will go.

    Have a good week folks!

    1. Or writing about Parkinsons. The recent post about the memory issue in the bathroom while possibly in the TMI range, was one I found interesting and informative. Wouldn't being the author of amusing and informative literature about PD be a better legacy than this feud with huge chunks of the blogosphere? Please remember that for that week in May when Bill left us alone I think all but one or maybe two lickspittles didn't make any comments or posts about Bill, never mind any negative ones.

      1. Oh yes, that week proved it to anyone who was at all new to dealing with him and didn't believe the rest of us.

        Without him attacking us, we left him alone, because when we aren't being attacked there is no reason for normal sane people to go around making nasty comments about others. But that must not have helped his claim to Karoli that he was totally blameless in the whole affair.

      2. He has to throw the first punch. He can't stand it when we don't pay attention. We're all he's got. He's alienated virtually anyone he's ever met. Without us, he's got nothing. He gets lonely, he lashes out to get attention. Pathetic, but self-created and very well earned.

    1. Bill, let me see if I follow your logic:




      se is permitted for friends of


      onvicted liars and bombers like Brett


      imberlin, but not so much the rest of us?


      nly you would


      ind that a reasonable position


      rom which to argue.

      I really, really hope this is the quality of what you bring to court. "Fool for a client!"

      Brother, you ain't kidding.

      1. You have misstated my position. Fair use applies to everyone. Boy, are you gonna feel stupid in a few months. I gave you a perfect, face saving out to just walk away, but you are so set on impressing your Daddy that you just can't see his case has nothing, Have it your way, sonny buck. I used to feel sorry for you. Still do, kinda. But now, I don't give a fuck about you.

        1. Not how I read it. I'm sure the judge will see it the same way. Fair use is OK for me, but not for you. That's what you said, implying that my use of Hoge's material was "fair use." No backtracking, bubba.

          Besides, you had your chance to get out of this little fuckarama drama. And you chose to stay. So, take what you get, stupid.

        2. You're so SMART and CLEVER! EVER so much smarter than ME! And NOW you're stuck in a lawsuit that is going to cost you everything you own. Smart boy,

      2. Wow, Bill, you really must be stupid or insane to see an admission against interest in what Paul wrote. He was clearly characterizing your position in order to give it the vicious mocking it deserves. The judge, not being a simpering addle-brained trailer dweller, will see it for what it is (as opposed to what you so desperately want and need it to be) as well. Someone needs a remedial reading comprehension class, and it ain't Paul.

        Now go get your fucking shine box, boy.

      3. Fair use is for everyone? O'rly?

        Ok as promised. I have a little story to share in the playing field of hypocrisy from CBBS from 2011 to this current 2014 copyright issues;.

        As some of you may know back in late 2011 . There was this bunch of crazy conservatives from Wisconsin that started this parody/trolling page on Facebook called Operation Burn Notice. The mission of this page? Yank as many liberal chains as they could. Well the page was an instant success. They even attracted this attention of this blogger over to the east. For this story we will call him Fife,Barney Fife. He really thought he had stumbled onto the story of his life. He just knew deep down inside that these crazy teabaggers in Wisconsin were collecting and burning Scott Walker recall petitions.

        Well Fife an instant daily poster over at the OBN page. He swore he up and down that he would not stop until every last poster on the page who agreed with the page admins would be thrown in jail because what they were doing was illegal, and just talking on facebook about burning recall petitions was a “premeditated felonies”. Well this is where the pointing and laughing started.

        The OBN admins of the page laid in on thick for Fife. Fife took upon himself to start blogging about the OBN facebook page and “Fail d0x’ing” anyone who posted on the page with their real accounts on facebook( this starting to sound familiar here?). Well of course the OBN page admins pointed and laughed harder at Barney Fife. They even started photoshopping pictures from him blog and facebook account(FAIR USE!) and put turtles heads on everything they could get their hands on or Fife’s head on turtle bodies. They even photoshopped a turtle head on Fife’s dog. This made Barney Fife very Sadz. Well Fife went for revenge. He took it upon himself to start filing bogus DMCA reports to facebook. Fife was so sad that he even created this “copy right image notice” for his blog. Well these guys cropped that out and started posting that on their pictures also. Fife become very angry over this. He swore he would get “Operation Burn Notice” extinguished from Facebook.

        Well the OBN admins formed a plan. The plan was put the OBN facebook page in admin view only and make Fife and a few of friends think they finally hit pay dirt. They would even create throw away facebook group to lay the bait called “Knot My Wisconsin”. Where they would post that page was nuked by facebook. Well the plan worked, dozen of times at that. They would put the page in admin view only(sometimes a for a few hours or a few days at a crack) and sit back and watch Fife celebrate and claim victory. Then BOOM! Pull the page out of admin view and back to public view. Fife couldn’t understand what was going on. He couldn’t understand how he was constantly be had by these dumb ignorant teabaggers from Wisconsin. How could these people do this? You mean talking about something on the internet and actually doing it is two different things? All while hundreds of us sat back and laughed,and laughed .

        Anywho, don’t take my little story for this because as we all know the best way to discredit Barney Fife is to quote Barney Fife. From his own words in late 2011;

        Here is this famous profile picture of the OBN page photoshopped with the cropped copyright image that Fife created. He even filled a DMCA take down on this also with facebook.

      4. The html pictures didn't show up. Here are the two photos to go with my little story in order

  5. Bill, if you'd just forget you ever heard of Ali, Worthing, Hoge, and the rest of us, this would all go away. You'd never hear from ANY of us ever again, if you'd just leave everyone else alone.

  6. You weren't kidding when you said “anything I read on the internet that I want to be true must be true.”

    Another good example is his tweets showing that he took seriously someone mocking his "Christmas eve court clerk" lie by purporting to contact the "guy who runs the examiner" on Father's Day Sunday. Bill gleefully jumped on that comment to mock the commenter because he wanted to believe someone was actually as stupid as he is. Unfortunately for him, everyone else say it for what it really was; a through mocking of his stupidity.

  7. Guess he better make sure he has permission and a receipt for the butt sniffing dog picture"

  8. Even if you had an inkling of when it's in your best interest to shut your toilet hole, you couldn't do it, could you?

    Isn't it past time for you to hit the hay, Dr. Demento?


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