Everything Is DABDA!

Into every life (and I do mean EVERY LIFE), tragedy strikes. Sometimes it’s temporary, sometimes it’s permanent, sometimes it is something that is perceived as a tragedy but turns out to be a blessing. When people go through these tragedies, whether permanent or temporal, they experience a normal process of what has commonly come to be known as the Five Stages of Loss and Grief. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross laid out the general pattern in her 1969 book “On Death and Dying.”

  1. Denial and Isolation – deny the reality of the situation, block things out and hide from the facts
  2. Anger – intense emotion deflected, redirected and expressed in an outward manner
  3. Bargaining – reaction to feelings of helplessness and loss of control
  4. Depression – sadness and regret
  5. Acceptance – where we make our peace with what has occurred, find grace and move on to hope

While it is true that many people cycle through these emotions in the fashion Kubler-Ross lays out, it is also equally true that others do not. Some may skip certain phases, spend more time on one than another, and some even exiting the grieving cycle altogether in an abrupt manner, seeming to go about their life’s work in much the same way as they did before the event that caused them to enter the Five Stages. Others vacillate wildly from one to another and then back again, with no coherency, rhyme or reason.

It’s all a matter of our own personal makeup that determines how we proceed through these stages in my opinion, armchair zombie psychologist that I am.

Now, our good frenemy Bill Schmalfeldt has asked us to talk to Paul Krendler and/or Patrick Grady about the stages of grief someone goes through when they lose their spouse.

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Somehow, I don’t think that Krendler needs talking to. You see, zombie. Ergo, humanity is out the window. Go figure.

Now, I ALSO don’t think Mr. Grady needs to be talked to about these stages of grief. You see, they are the EXACT SAME stages of grief one goes through when you receive the news that your unborn child is going to come into this world disabled. In fact, Billy has a tendency to harp upon a comment Mr. Grady made whilst apparently consumed in Step Number 2 – Anger. While I don’t have the actual comment in front of me, it said something to the effect that Mr. Grady felt that his disabled child was a burden. Billy has taken this comment and extrapolated it out to be, as he perceives it, Mr. Grady’s entire and only view of his child. To Billy, there is no possible way that Mr. Grady could have moved on in the cycle of grief, that he remains stuck there to this very day. And he thinks that Mr. Grady should be reviled for this failure to move on.

Now, I would be remiss in my duties as armchair zombie psychologist if I didn’t point out that this is yet another example of DUMBFUCK’s propensity to project that which is his state of mind onto someone else. He does that a lot, you know.

For instance, if I were to apply Billy’s logic to his public statements regarding his own offspring, I might be persuaded to believe that his daughter is naught but a fountain of “twat slime.” But I’m not an idiot, so…bet she’s not.

I submit that while in the initial hours after his “beloved’s” death, an ordinary, reasonable observer might conclude that Billy appeared to have skipped straight to the end of the Kubler-Ross progression. And you would be right. It APPEARED so. Exhibit A is this tweet from less than 24 hours after she had died.


As a result, one of our fellow zombie travelers has proposed that there is a SIXTH stage to the Kubler-Ross cycle. Rebranding (hat tip NealNBob). And I must say, it is quite the doozy of a stage. Thank God I’ve never gone there myself, nor has anyone else that I know. Until now, that is.

However, now that Bill has had a chance to come back to reality, he has also come back to the state in which he permanently resides: Step number 2 – Anger. As evidence of this psychological disturbance, please read this quotation from his podcast on June 24, 2015.

Well, Gail’s gone. She died a week ago today. She ain’t coming back. So why in God’s name would I want to take time away from more positive pursuits to spend an entire morning at the Howard County Circuit Court to entertain Hoge’s fantasy? I have absolutely nothing to gain by attending. But I also have nothing to lose. I wanna see the look on Hoge’s face as I dissemble [sic] his argument for a peace order bit by bit. I want to show the judge what a liar he is. I want to show the judge the harm Hoge is capable of inflicting by encouraging his readers to attack a man while his wife is dying. I want to take all of this evidence, roll it up into a tight little cylinder and make WJJ Hoge III eat it an inch at a time.

Will I be at the courthouse tomorrow? If I wake up alive tomorrow morning, I will be there. And I will have the time of my life taking out all this grief and anger accumulated over the past week and pour it onto the main source of that grief and anger. The poisonous spider, the crawling vermin who calls himself WJJ Hoge. On tomorrow’s podcast I’ll tell you what happened.

While we are merely reading these words on the screen, hearing them come from the mouth of Billy in real time submerged them to a depth of malevolence that makes these mere words seem like something coming from a mentally-unhinged person. I know that *I* would want a peace order from someone saying these sorts of things in that tone about me.  And might I add that the level of projection here was simply off the charts. This should be studied.  In a tightly controlled, physically secured laboratory setting.  With dissections.  And brain snacks. Because, doctoral dissertation! Just sayin.

UMADBRO is the only emotion that Billy seems able to relate to. It is his happy place, the one that he returns to, again and again like a dog to its vomit. So he is home, now, in the second stage of grief, focusing it outward, and its laser-like focus is, at the moment, on WJJ Hoge.

Billy claims to want to be left alone to do his grieving. Because he is experiencing the worst ever grief for losing his soulmate. But the problem is that other people exist. And that sociopath’s inconvenience is anathema to Billy. Some day he will have to resolve that conflict within him. He will have to stop lashing out at others for the mere fact that they have what he wants to have, that they do what he wants to do, that they are what he wants to be.

But not today. And most likely not tomorrow. Because he has a spleen to vent. And someone must pay. Little does he know that it is always him. Such a shame.


Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave – Part the Second

So, last night, we fisked the shit out of Billy-boy’s non-apology apology to me. I’m sure that you all have seen what we have posted over at Billy Sez about how the corpulent one has doubled down on said non-apology. It’s just truly amazing how he keeps doing the same things over and over and over again, getting the same result, each and every time. It’s as if he thinks he’s the only one in the room with a brain. He’d actually better rethink that train of thought because if he IS the only one in the room with a brain and he’s with the zombie horde…. Well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be a pleasant dinner party for Billy, now would it? Heh!


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What Difference, At This Point, Does it Make?

I’ve been hearing for years now how a certain Texas “grifter,” “conman,” “liar” and “pimp” (“but at least I never called his wife a whore!”) told THREE DIFFERENT STORIES about the stillbirth of his daughter, and how a certain DUMBFUCK’S harassment of him was turned into TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN FRAUDULENT FUNDRAISING!!


Three different stories…wow.

That’s, like, a lot.

  1. Scleroderma
  2. Heart failure
  3. Kidney failure
  4. Ovarian cancer
  5. General organ failure
  6. Stage IV stage fright or something
  7. Insertdiseasehereitis 

Dear God, I wonder what it will be tomorrow?

  1. Goose down asphyxiation 
  2. Dehydration
  3. The heartbreak of psoriasis 
  4. Lactose intolerance
  5. Terminal hemorrhoid
  6. Athlete’s foot
  7. Flesh eating bacteria
  8. e. Coli

Right now, I think if I were enumerating a list of differences between a certain DUMBFUCK’S description of the aforementioned Texan and said DUMBFUCK himself, I would say that the separation is illustrated by TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN FRAUDULENT FUNDRAISING.

…which really just highlights the notion that the DUMBFUCK understands just how unbelievable his lies truly are.

But I’m just a skanky meth-head with dyed hair (And doesn’t that sound just like his description of one of his hapless ex-wives? Gosh someone is such a misogynist at heart. Shame Shame!) who really, really thinks she’s a zombie according to some DUMBFUCK. So weight things accordingly.


Totally Billogical!

My heart goes out to the family of any child injured in an accident. But we also know how many times we have been burned by relying on information posted on this blog. Still, I suppose as soon as someone verifies that this actually happened, I would have little choice but to drop my lawsuit against Patrick Grady. Or, we can NOT verify it, I can go on wondering if this is just another lame attempt to punk me, and the case moves on.


So at the time TTT Man left that comment in the Spam folder last week, he believed he was being pranked by Krendler.  But he’s obviously too smart for that!  Or at least, after being punked about 14 times previously … it was convenient to hedge his bets and declare he didn’t believe that Paul’s daughter was injured without some sort of verification.

Of course, by the same standards he holds, it stands up to the very same reasoning to assume that Gail is neither dying, in the hospital, nor even in ill health. After all, there is no independent verification of any of that information; nothing but the word of a known and proven liar.  For all that’s been proved, she’s sitting on the sofa watching the Orioles game.

But, but, but, and AGAIN, But!

Today, Krendler noted that his daughter received flowers from John.

From this one little sentence, and the leaps Billy has made has using the stunning dubious powers of intellect God has graced him with, we can take a logical stab at further extrapolating the conclusions he will reach if he stays true and consistent to his methodology.

Now stay with me Zombie Horde! It gets a bit twisty here.

1. John Who?

Well, given that it’s only the MOST COMMON GIVEN NAME FOR MEN in the entire English language … therefore it must be not just any John, but John Hoge!

John Hoge sent Krendler’s daughter flowers in the hospital!

2. That must mean…

John Hoge knows who Paul Krendler is!!

3. And from here we get...


Now, unfortunately for DUMBFUCK, if it means that, it means something else, too. This is where we pick up where DUMBFUCK left off and finish the line of logic out to its ultimate and totally rational conclusion (if we are DUMBFUCK, that is).

4. So, what else does it mean?

If John Hoge sent flowers to Krendler’s daughter in the hospital, proving that Hoge lied under oath (PERJURY!!ELEVENTY!!11!!!), then that means…

5. Krendler’s daughter is IN THE HOSPITAL!!

And if Krendler’s daughter is in the hospital, then…

6. DUMBFUCK must follow through on his own pronouncement.

I would have little choice but to drop my lawsuit against Patrick Grady.

Because DUMBFUCK is honorable.

Because DUMBFUCK is a man of his word.


Because DUMBFUCK is a worthless, soulless, insane, lying, sociopathic craprolling shitsniffer for whom truth is Silly Putty, to be twisted, bent and smashed to fit whatever magical mold he needs it to fit so that his narrative can advance.

I would cheerfully make the Feldtchart for Billy so that he can see up close and personal the way his logic works when applied to these sorts of situations. 

So we can expect Hoge’s perjury, proved beyond all doubt by the delivery of flowers and balloons to Krendler’s daughter, to lead to the dismissal of his suit against Patrick Grady any day now, right?


The Billogic is unconquerable.


Good News from Howard County

So the bloviating Trailer Trash Talk Man is more of a raving lunatic than I thought. It was very disturbing to say the least. Bill obviously needs to focus on Gail and her situation and nothing else. I don’t know that he can sustain the mental taxation of both her care and the effort of maintaining these LOLsuits. It seems to be fracturing his mind and in a bad way, more is the pity. I don’t know that I will be making the trip to Maryland any time soon again. Anyway…

The honorable Judge Kramer has taken everything under advisement and will be making a written decision on both of Hoge’s MTDs. She seemed more interested in the whole venue aspect of things, but that might be because I personally am more interested in a ruling on that sort of issue. I already know that TTT Man has failed to state a claim, I just wanna know where someone has to file a lawsuit in these sorts of things.

So, things continue apace as they are at the moment. I am going to eat lunch with some friends and then travel back home. Govern yourselves accordingly!


I see that TTT Man has seen fit to disparage my looks. And make comments about what went down today.




Let’s see.

  • Goth – Guilty as charged. See avatar.
  • Horribly skinny/rail thin – To some I might be considered that. To others, I’m just enough ZombieGirl for them, no more, no less.
  • Jet-black dyed long hair – On occasion. Although I like the black when it has more of a blue tinge. See, again, avatar. Next I will probably go to deep burgundy. That’s my favorite.
  • Bad case of ugs – While I do own a rather expensive pair of Uggs, I was not wearing them today. Sorry!
  •  No eyebrows – While I do pluck my eyebrows, they are still there, I assure you.
  • Skank – Here’s where Billy shows his evil side. All I will say is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I don’t have any issues with my looks.

On to the actual things that matter. You know, the reasons why everyone was at the courthouse.

    •  No Choice to Be There

BZZZT! Wrong, DUMBFUCK! You had EVERY choice in the world to be there. YOU were the one who filed this LOLsuit. And therefore you get to deal with it and all the filings and court appearances pertaining to it. You want that to go away? Drop the LOLsuit. I mean, did you really think that WJJ Hoge was going to lie down and let you kick him like the good Shiloh dog you think he is? Just because you are butthurt? Ummm, that would be a no.

    • Make my wife’s death more convenient for you

Umm, we would prefer that your wife didn’t die. We would prefer that she be able to escape you in some other way, so that she could go on to live a life without your vile presence in it.

    • Things go by their own timetable

Yes, yes they do, don’t they Billy. And much to your own chagrin.

    • And GM Howell wasn’t there

Do you have the gift of the all-seeing eye? Somehow I don’t think so.