Comedy vs. Not Comedy

Telling stories (and doing it poorly) fantasizing about misfortunes befalling one’s enemies is not comedy.

If it makes the author laugh, that’s one thing. Given our fallen nature, I believe such fantasies are far more common than any of us would care to admit. But to think that sharing such thoughts would make an audience LAUGH is beyond depraved.

On the other hand, an author would be well within the bounds of propriety to use such disturbing thoughts as fodder for a psychological thriller about a serial killer or an international terrorist plot?

Not funny. Not even a little bit funny. But in the proper context, it could be a helluva fun beach read.



Justice, Poetic

I’m off doing fun things this morning, riding trains and playing games.

So let’s try our hand at POETRY!!

Sounds FUN, right? (Yeah, I know, shut up.)

Really it’s just an excuse for a little pointless Bill-ku.

My accomplishments
Experimental brain pokes
Books no one will buy

Footlongs with mayo
Tears falling in my fro yo
Tastes like epic fail

New station each month
Five Twitter handles last week
Re-design that blog!

Haters break the law
With false negative reviews
Heeengh! Heeengh! LICKSPITTLES!

His excellent friend
Brett Kimberlin? Forgive him.
Lemmen? Die soon, fraud.

Parkinson’s Disease
Exacerbated to death
Nothing is his fault

His monkey vulva
Is dry and itchy today
Must be full of sand

It never goes right
He can’t keep anything straight
Doxing or walking?

He lived life his way
Sex on a stage in Japan
Pauper’s retirement

Stop talking to me.
I said, stop talking to me.

Comments are open for your literary contribution!


Why God Made Editors

I like WordPress as a blogging platform, but it does have a drawback. I have found it to be a little bit kludgy when it comes to long-form writing. For me that’s more than a thousand words or so. I fall back on Microsoft Word for that.

And I take sufficient pride in my writing that I rarely hit the Publish button without three or four revisions, even in a short piece like this. I proofread, I correct. I proofread again, I correct. Add a bit here, cut a bit out there, move something around.

Then I do it all again.

But sometimes – and it ticks me off when it happens – I just miss something. In yesterday’s post, there was this paragraph:

Still, in good faith, Hoge did ask his readers to lay off Bill, and let him make the promised changes to his internet presence which the two litigants (I’d call them ‘men’ if Bill hadn’t disqualified himself many years ago) had shaken hands on. And for the most part, the readers did. But sure enough, Bill is soon at work on a new cut-and-paste masturb-piece, a true story to put all the “facts” in the record. Less than a week after the settlement is signed, Bill attempts to all along, the plan was that he would show up anyway, and without me there to defend myself, he would win his peace order.

That last sentence – WTF, right? I put it there, and even I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to say.

This is why writers DON’T hit the publish button right away. This is why editors DON’T occupy the same headspace as writers. The back-and-forth between them hones not just the techical aspects of the writing (grammar, punctuation, usage, sentence flow and such), but also addresses thematic mistakes, holes in arguments, missing information, and countless other potential problems. The second pair of eyes, the objective reader, is vital.

Most solo bloggers have to wear both hats, and they don’t always fit together. Sometimes my eyes just gloss over a paragraph because my head already knows what it’s supposed to say, but my fingers never got the message.

The example above is just horrid and embarrassing.


…this is all your fault…


Chapter II

As requested, an advance notice:  what follows is not the usual fare.  It is a first draft of the second chapter of a YA fantasy novel I am working on. 

As noted previously, I welcome all feedback, positive or negative.  If you can be civil, fabulous.  If you can’t, I’ll send your IP address to Elkridge.  Thanks for taking the time to indulge me.

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