Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!



When you are a private person…
Building your “private person” blog…
Building your “private person” podcast…
Building your “private person” Twitter presence to promote and publicize privatize your “private person” blog and your “private person” podcast…
To create a “brand” so that everyone knows what a “private person” you are…

Check the spelling of the link.

Don’t be a #DUMBFUCK

Of course, another FABULOUS branding technique is to Tweet out a link to your latest bit of butt-trumpetry…  

…and then take down the file.



Can't Speak For Everyone, But…

…clearly someone has dickstomped himself with the Hasty Generalization fallacy.

There is no general case to describe this.  Sometimes it’s a morbidly obese, mentally inferior, abusive needledick who prefers Japanese transsexuals that drove his wife into a bottle, then into the arms of a real man…


…and sometimes it’s not.


More Weaponized Stupid

First there was 


And then came  


“Hey look all you fair weather followers who came crawling back after abandoning me in my hour of need!  I creeped Hoggy’s website for the 100th time today to see if he can ignore me, and guess what?  HE CAN’T!!  I bet he won’t be able to tomorrow either! Or the day after that! And you can bet I’ll be checking.  Every day!”

I can’t wait to find out what his “other interests” are.  

Maybe it will turn out to be his wife…eventually.  Is she still walking the Green Mile, or what?

Big fucking dummy.


So This Comment Came In

4-17-2015 9-14-33 AM

And after thinking about it, I realize that Bill, for once in your miserable life you are absolutely right.  The fact that you won a court case is not a good reason for you to “need to die.”

In fact, I doubt it would crack the Top 50.

But as a gesture of goodwill, I have identified grace3g.

So there you go.  Happy?


Question For BusPassOffice

In your encyclopedic collection of Shakey’s Greatest Hits, do you have any examples of the SEVERAL HUNDRED times he has said he never attacks wives and families?



Asking for a friend who sometime doesn’t measure potential consequences before hitting the POST button.


Living in the Head of a Fictional Zombie?



I’m especially gratified to hear your hateful, flap-skinned, no-gag-reflex-having truck stop dolly the @captivenurse is feeling well enough to be left alone while you take your little vacation to see what an actual, functioning brain looks like.