Justice, Poetic

I’m off doing fun things this morning, riding trains and playing games.

So let’s try our hand at POETRY!!

Sounds FUN, right? (Yeah, I know, shut up.)

Really it’s just an excuse for a little pointless Bill-ku.

My accomplishments
Experimental brain pokes
Books no one will buy

Footlongs with mayo
Tears falling in my fro yo
Tastes like epic fail

New station each month
Five Twitter handles last week
Re-design that blog!

Haters break the law
With false negative reviews
Heeengh! Heeengh! LICKSPITTLES!

His excellent friend
Brett Kimberlin? Forgive him.
Lemmen? Die soon, fraud.

Parkinson’s Disease
Exacerbated to death
Nothing is his fault

His monkey vulva
Is dry and itchy today
Must be full of sand

It never goes right
He can’t keep anything straight
Doxing or walking?

He lived life his way
Sex on a stage in Japan
Pauper’s retirement

Stop talking to me.
I said, stop talking to me.

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