Memory Check

Hey, you know what would be fun?

1. Hand CBBS a gun.

2. Tell him it will REALLY PISS OFF Paul Krendler if he blows his own brains out.

3. Stand back. Watch for spatter.



I think we can safely assume, absent an explicit denial, that Billy Buttpustule still agrees with the stuff he wrote back then. It doesn’t mean that I agree, but I guess we’ll have to see if what’s good for the buttmonkey is good for the gander.

Hmm…how to test that…might need a time machine. Whose week is it?


UPDATE 2 – WHOOPS! Memory check fail. He remembers the what but not the when.

So sorry not sorry. But we have a lovely sewing machine and some mouthwash as a parting gift.

Ah, memories!