Oh, Monty Hall, What To Do? What to DO??


Oh Yeah, He'll Be Back

I can always tell when he’s slinging his bullshit:

  1. He’s still drawing breath (this one is more literal than you might think).
  2. He or his pals are leaving comments here for Patrick Grady from offshore servers.

But he’s turning to other things now, except for stomping trolls…

Sure he is.

My gray, rotting zombie ass.

Dancing Monkeys gotta monkeydance.


Just Trying To Be Neighborly

Now, it occurs to me that while there may indeed be readers out there who are “scrambling to silence” a primary source of pointage and laughery in this space, I prefer to take a slightly different tack.

A brief consideration of recent history leads one reasonably to conclude that @WMSBroadcasting will also be suspended soon, which will leave our friend with no Twitter presence whatsoever.

That would be sad.

So I thought, given the great success of yesterday’s Air Quote contest, that we could apply our collective creativity to the problem of choosing a new Twitter handle.

I really think there is only one rule – please self-check that your suggestion is not already taken by an existing Twitter user. You’d be surprised how many mayonnaise-related handles there are, trust me.

I already have a couple suggestions in the bucket, so I will list them here along with a new one to kick off the fun (all I have is FUN):