Meh? Indeed.

For someone who recently noted his 19th anniversary of his diagnosis with PD (funny he didn’t say he actually HAS Parkinson’s Disease, only that he was diagnosed…I wonder why?), one might think he would have a healthy respect for the medical profession generally, and a greater than average dependence on their specialized expertise, at very regular intervals.

As hard as it is to find in an area like the frigid, LIFE-THREATENING and EXACERBATING plains of Havre, Montana, where his life of radio fame has brought him.


Yeah…I Wouldn’t Get Too Comfortable There, Sport

Up until August 2015 – official Maryland Man!
From August 2015 until January 2017 – official Wisconsin Man!
January 2017 through April 2017 – official Iowa Man!
After being fired in Iowa he became official South Carolina Man in May 2017!
Had a couple swings-and-misses at becoming official Texas Man and then official New Mexico Man
Then in March 2017 spent a couple of days trying to become official North Dakota Man…
Before suddenly shwerving southward toward a reprise of official Iowa Man!
For some reason (background check), that didn’t work out too well, so it was back to being official South Carolina Man again!
Which he remained until about August of 2018, when he took off to become official Oklahoma Man!
That lasted until October, when he got “fed up” with being fired so he quit again and skulked back to official South Carolina Man status once more!
Now, finally, after about 7 weeks in Montana, where the state-mandated probation period is (well, let’s not blow the surprise, shall we?), he is now official Montana Man!

Congratulations, DUMBFUCK. 12 states in three and a half years.


Ah, Memories!

Remember the good old days, DUMBFUCK, when you used to try and convince judges that WJJ Hoge was


for forcing you to leave your house in the frigid Maryland winters (oh, the frostbite inducing mid 20s – eek!) onto the rented forklift and flatbed truck to be transported all the way to Westminster to defend your cyberstalking activities?

Good times, good times…


Jennifer Rubin, “Conservative Blogger”




Stop Driving on the Curbs, DUMBFUCK!

The last time you did this you ruined two tires at the same time!

Tell me, have you informed your station management of your irreversible, degenerative neurological condition which led you to stop driving and give up your driver’s license nearly a decade ago?

Would you prefer if someone step up and made that notification on your behalf? You know, in the interest of making a positive influence on the lives of your audience?

Or at least, NOT making a negative impact on them…with a moving car?


You Don’t Suppose…

So my site tracker notes a visitor from Havre, Montana at 17:49 Eastern Time on January 14th…

…specifically, a visit to a post wishing Bob Barker, the former host of The Price Is Right a happy birthday.

A post which contained the following embedded video:

And then, just minutes later…the same video appears on Bill Schmalfeldt’s Facebook page!

Thank God he’s given up on all of us Zombie Lickspittles, and that he’s just out there in the deathly, STAGE ELEVENTY PARKINSONS-EXACERBATING frigid temperatures of the Northern Great Plains, broadcasting to four people and one balloon animal.

Otherwise, I might think DUMBFUCK had returned to his stalkerish behavior, rather than this being the coincidence it so obviously is.