Stream of Consciousness Browsing Leads to Ancient Treasure

I was enjoying some radio drama over at the World’s Smallest Blog, and I found this little ad:

 Jack Webb look so young, healthy and vital with that smoldering Chesterfield, doesn’t he?  Sure he does.

But then I thought, “Wait, didn’t that guy with the voice of a dump truck rolling out of a gravel pit die of lung cancer?”

So, off to Wikipedia!

Nope – not cancer.  Heart attack, brought on by smoking.  Oh, well…can’t be right all the time.  But scanning the Wikipedia page, I found a mention of this all-time gem from Jack Webb and Johnny Carson:

Thanks, Ukuleledave!


The Second Amendment: What It Says and What It Means

I love Bill Whittle.  I believe that he is one of the best conservative communicators on the web today.  I don’t make time enough to keep up with his prodigious output, and that is a poor reflection on me.  Today, I found this video on the plain language of the Second Amendment.  I don’t need to comment on it as it stands on its own.  But I want to repeat a point that will be made in the video.

A well-schooled electorate, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and read Books shall not be infringed.

To hear a liberal gun control advocate tell it, this would restrict access to books only to people with a certain level of schooling – which, of course, could only be gained through rote memorization.  You certainly can’t learn it from books, because that would be illegal!!  At least until you passed the test.


We Had To Destroy The Forest To Save This Tree

I found this delightful video at VodkaPundit but it originates with Andrew Klavan at

I admit to being shocked that the subject matter was NOT about the abortion rate among African Americans, but that’s been much discussed also.

A brief warning:  you’ll want to pay close attention because there is much rhetorical tomfoolery at work here.  It wouldn’t be hard to get lost and miss the point.