Clarity in Language Is Essential

I saw the following on Facebook, and immediately understood the intent.

But it’s also very easy to see how a random DUMBFUCK could mentally emphasize the wrong word and go completely off the reservation.

(Was that RAAAAACIST?)

Is your emphasis on the second-to-last word, or on the last word?

It’s the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug, as Twain said.



“No one agrees with me on Twitter, but everyone who disagrees with me must be a right wing troll.  Therefore I am…a DUMBFUCK.”

New account?  If you want to call six different handles on one account in six months “new,” I guess you can do that.

We do love our vault, don’t we?  Say, did you know DUMBFUCK is now climbing toward 200 total Twitter handles used?  There may not be a Guinness World Record for that, but there should be.  Or maybe it should be a Guinness World Rec-NERD.

But then those 30 day free trials do tend to expire just about every 30 days.