Again With “See You In Court?”


If you wanna see somebody in court, DUMBFUCK, it helps to actually, you know, SHOW UP.

You’ve got a very spotty record there.  Very much like your soaked and wadded panties in that respect.

  • Maryland (as petitioner) – no show
  • Arizona (as respondent) – no show
  • Maryland (as respondent) – no show
  • Maryland (as petitioner) – no show
  • Illinois (as respondent) – no show
  • Massachusetts (as respondent) – no show
  • Illinois (as respondent) – no show
  • North Carolina (as respondent) – no show

In truth, though, that’s not a “spotty” record; it’s a pretty solid, cakey crapstain of a record.

Oddly enough, also an accurate description of your panties.  What a coinkydink.


Clarity in Language Is Essential

I saw the following on Facebook, and immediately understood the intent.

But it’s also very easy to see how a random DUMBFUCK could mentally emphasize the wrong word and go completely off the reservation.

(Was that RAAAAACIST?)

Is your emphasis on the second-to-last word, or on the last word?

It’s the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug, as Twain said.