So – By the Prevailing Arguments…

If 16 hours of round trip travel to North Carolina and back to Myrtle Beach to unsuccessfully contest a restraining order in court requires – what was it? A full day of recovery – then a 40 hour trip from Myrtle Beach to I’ll Be Quirky and points west should kill him.

Please, God!

Unless they cooked Onyx and took her along to snack on…


Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

When has ANYONE ever risked even a single penny at the threat of a conflict with a dickless, lying, racist grifter named Bill Schmalfeldt?

Butthurt is still not a tort, personal jurisdiction is still an obstacle you have yet to overcome, and the supply of pointage, laughery and mockification in reserve is MASSIVE.




Lying Liars Gotta Confirm Their Own Lies to the World

I remember a DUMBFUCK saying he’s kept everything he ever wrote.

I wonder why he had to mine to find his own post full of lies?

Stupid motherfucker.


Bill Schmalfeldt Wishes He Was This Funny

And let’s be perfectly frank – there is NOTHING funny about this:

I’m sure that someday, if he works very, very hard at his craft, Bill Schmalfeldt will one day improve to a point where he can be this unfunny.

For now, he’ll have to settle for being orders of magnitude less funny than this.


A Word About Anonymous Cowards

You tell ’em, “Langston!”