Just When I Thought I Was Out…

…they pull me back in.

Nice job, Mook!

I should point out when a civilization starts rehashing and recycling old ideas they’re on the way out.

Lord, you can smell the marijuana and Doritos dust on this California gem all the way up here in Minnesota!



You mean this guy?

I had no idea that a former heavyweight champion of the world was running for the US Senate in Alabama!

Thank goodness there are DUMBFUCKS like Bill Schmalfeldt to tell us these things.


Just Can’t Stay Retired, Can Ya, DUMBFUCK?

What do you need a source for? I thought Steph Ryder or whatever her name is was taking over at Billy Boy Unread. She’ll never get to be any good if you keep sticking your shitcaked bazoo into things that aren’t your business.


You know, the writing style doesn’t seem to have changed very much…


And you know, everybody’s wondering: to whom did you actually resign, if as you say, you don’t report to anyone?

If you could respond by 3:00 PM EST, I’d appreciate it.  I’m on a deadline.  If you don’t respond I’ll just assume I’m correct and publish.  That’s how the pros do it, right?


How’d That Work Out For You, DUMBFUCK?

You are an idiot and a DUMBFUCK, Bill. Of course you knew that by entering an appearance on Grady’s behalf, Grady effectively waived service, right? You KNEW that, right?

See, I think the more interesting question is why did DUMBFUCK [REDACTED – MUST NOT EDUCATE THE MONKEYS – PK]?


Oopsie Poopsie, indeed.

But why have you never been able to prove that lie, not even to a judge when doing so might have had some benefit?

Oh, wait.  You’re a liar. That explains everything.

Now, all you have to do is…NOPE.  Couldn’t keep a straight face.  Thought I could, but I was mistaken.

Oh, my, my, MY…then what?  Don’t keep us in suspense, DUMBFUCK.