Only a DUMBFUCK Could Miss the Point of This Post

Let us consider the curious case of Bill Munko, also known as Bill Schmalfeldt.

Bill Schmalfeldt is known to be an adjudicated cyberstalker and cyberharasser.  He has over the last several years, been served with NINE restraining orders from FIVE different states.  He is currently under court orders to avoid contact with persons in Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts and North Carolina.

He claims that he has recently reported one of these persons to law enforcement for writing a letter that he has forgotten sending, likely due to Parkinson’s Dementia, a condition he has publicly admitted to having more than once, including in a letter to a federal judge presiding over a lawsuit which was none of his fucking business but he still stuck his shitcaked nose into because reasons.

He has made clear, several times and in no uncertain terms, that he believes I am that person, most recently yesterday.

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Now, if any of you voracious Zombies had been ordered by a court in Illinois to avoid contact with a person, would you not avoid contact with that person?  Would you not follow the text of the order, to wit:

The Respondent is prohibited from threatening to commit staking or committing stalking.  “Stalking” means engaging in a “course of conduct” directed at a specific person, when you know or should know that this course of conduct would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of a third person or suffer emotional distress.  A stalking “course of conduct” includes acts in which you directly, indirectly or through third parties, by any action, method, device, or means follow monitor, observe, surveil, threaten or communicate to or about, a person; or engage in other contact; or interfere with or damage a person’s property or pet. Stalking can include contact via electronic communications.  See 740 ILCS 21/10 for additional definitions.

Consider a few of the specific terms above.

Prohibited from…committing stalking.  This seems pretty clear

Stalking means engaging in a “course of conduct” directed at a specific person when you know…that this course of conduct would cause a reasonable person to fear for his safety…or suffer emotional distress. 

Do you think being repeatedly and unsuccessfully sued for butthurt (which still is not a tort) would cause a reasonable person to suffer emotional distress?  Might it even cause a person to have years – YEARS!! – shaved off his lifespan as a result?  That certainly seems like it would be emotionally distressing.  It also seems like something Bill Schmalfeldt would or should know about, because he has used those EXACT words to describe the emotional distress he claims to have been caused by others in the past. (Just because he forgets a lot of the shit he says, doesn’t mean the rest of us do.)

A stalking “course of conduct” includes acts in which you DIRECTLY…by any ACTION, METHOD, DEVICE or MEANS, follow, MONITOR, OBSERVE, surveil, THREATEN or COMMUNICATE to or ABOUT A PERSON; or engage in OTHER CONTACT…Stalking can include CONTACT VIA ELECTRONIC MEANS. (caps are mine)

So if the respondent – Bill Schmalfeldt – DIRECTLY by any ACTION, METHOD, DEVICE or MEANS (such as a VPN like CyberGhost Premium),

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MONITORS or OBSERVES a PERSON, COMMUNICATES to or ABOUT A PERSON, or engages in other CONTACT (such as attempting to leave comments – ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN OF THEM AT LAST COUNT – on a website he believes with 100% certainty belongs to that person)

…VIA ELECTRONIC MEANS, isn’t that Respondent – Bill Schmalfeldt – guilty of violating that Stalking No Contact Order?

And even more, after having been so blocked by me, if Bill Schmalfeldt PROACTIVELY AND WITHOUT PROVOCATION purchases a subscription service solely to overcome that block to view the website he believes with 100% certainty belongs to the person he is PROHIBITED FROM STALKING, isn’t adjudicated cyberstalker and cyberharasser Bill Schmalfeldt going to extreme (as well as extremely obvious) criminal lengths to violate that court order?

I wonder what a federal investigator would do with that information?

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I’m not allowed to contact Mrs. @MusicUnshackled either…because she’s DEAD.

You’d rather be butthurt-hunting tonight than eating fish sticks and custard with some slimy twat anyway, AMIRITE?


Good Morning, Demented Depends™ Dependent Defendant DUMBFUCK!

If visiting my blog on his daily butthurt safari is what he calls ignoring me, I’d be very interested to see what he thinks “paying attention” looks like.

I’m not surprised to see that a lying DUMBFUCK doesn’t know how many days make a week. (Hint: more than six.)

The simple question applies:

“How can I miss you if you won’t go away?”

I hear equal parts Johnnie Walker Red and Liquid Plum’r is pretty tasty. Maybe he could try it and report back.


Good Evening, Demented Depends™ Dependent Defendant DUMBFUCK!

Oh, what a bad boy am I!
Oh, what a bad boy am I!

And I figure this DUMBFUCK is so far in the red on his personal apology ledger he should declare bankruptcy.

If he took his “figger” and shoved it up his ass he’d probably pull out something he likes better than a plum from a Christmas pie.

And nobody’s trying to ruin this DUMBFUCK’S life, you know.  All anyone really wants is an unobstructed view of the continuous self-immolation.


Good Morning, Defendant DUMBFUCK!​

Gee, hmm, gosh, oh-let-me-think…

How about being a 61-year old #shitsniffing #turdrolling #Toddlerstalking #monkeydancing #DUMBFUCK with nine restraining orders (including one protecting a TODDLER, don’t forget) and less self awareness (and yes, I WILL SAY IT – Value To The Universe) than God gave rancid mayonnaise and a clock full of smut?

I’m pretty sure – NO, CHECK THAT – I’m absolutely dead bang certain that’s creepier than anything.


Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Hey, Don Quixote, I was just curious…do you have a progress report on your latest mission to get some poor woman fired for the naughty pictures you sent yourself?


Have you brought down that windmill yet?

Yesterday your pedobomber pal clearly surpassed you in filing a federal LOLSuit dripping with much more insanity than you usually bring to the party…on the other hand you clearly have some work to do to reach his level of unfairly getting someone terminated.

Is the pressure to perform grinding on ya, or are you just too busy making mud pies in your shorts?


Oh, How Thweet!


Thome limp-writhted, minthing weathel thinkth I’m thcaaaaared of him becauthe he’th afraid to tell people about hith truetht, betht thelf!

Becauthe NOBODY loveth homothexthualth like he loveth homothexthualth!

It’th okay, really, DUMBFUCK.  Like I’ve thaid before, tell the truth – no one with think any leth of you, becauthe really, no one could.


A Reminder of How Wars End


Every time.


This terrorist-jock-sniffing DUMBFUCK files a lawsuit, an instant loser, apparent to any reasonable observer.

He crows about owning cars, houses, ALL THE THINGS!!!

And the defendants simply play by the rules defined rather than the rules he wants.

And he stomps his jimmies.

Every time.


And when the moment comes around, as it always does, when he can no longer deny the reality of his failure and he realizes that he must find that impossible path of escape from his own foolishness…

Someone tells him how.

Pay. Apologize. Change.

It’s the only way.

And he says, “They want me to eat a big bowl of shit.”

Yes.  Exactly.

It’s his own shit.  He built that.  Of course he should eat it.  He probably won’t change his ways even if he did, but if he doesn’t there’s no possible way.

And he says no.

Every time.


“I won’t change until you leave me alone,” he says. “I’m just going to keep stalking toddlers and threatening families and collecting restraining orders until you stop saying mean things about me. Because journalism.”

But we tried that.  More than once.  He doesn’t make threats, he makes promises.  Sometimes he even signs a contract.

And then he breaks those promises.  Because


There’s a reason that everyone here knows that his harassment of others will not end until he can no longer interact with the internet.

He’s an Internet Crack Whore.  The Amy Winehouse of the World Wide Web, only with no discernible talent. (disclaimer: Joke. Insult. Protected Speech. Fuck off.)

As the sign says, If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

Every time.


He doesn’t get that no one is afraid of him.

He doesn’t get that in his new situation, he has a lot more to lose than any of his perceived adversaries, and a lot more talent arrayed against him to make it happen.


If the alternative to losing everything involves parting with some money and some dignity that he never had to begin with, plus a figurative appointment with a bowl and spoon, well…

He should take his own advice:

“If you have to eat shit, best not to nibble. Bite, chew, swallow, repeat. It goes quicker.”

And the nice thing is he doesn’t even have to wash the spoon first.



Who The Hell Is “Sarah Pallmer?”

And more importantly, where can I get one of those cool uniforms you have to wear for blustering?


No, seriously – did you INTEND to make 7 mistakes in just 140 characters, Mr. GS-13? (I deduce that you meant the first word to be ALLCAPS, or it would be 8 mistakes, DUMBFUCK.)

Either wait for the hangover to pass or pour a little hair of the dog before you tweet.

Now go sniff a turd, toddlerstalker.


Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!


Asked and answered, pro se DUMBFUCK.

Collette Stranahan.

Next question.