Seeking the Wisdom of Hordes

Is there anyone here who can credibly explain what Patrick Grady or I have to fear from a cowardly fuck like Bill Schmalfeldt?  Is he going to sue Grady? This super pro se who has never filed a lawsuit sufficient to survive a motion to dismiss? Is he going to try to take an internet pissing match – to which he brought only fear pee – into the real world, where the swollen prostate he got in the navy guarantees nothing more than ineffectual dribbling into his bacon-stripped tighty whities?

I’m not saying a lawsuit filed by DUMBFUCK should be taken lightly, even though the LULZ will be as plentiful as ever.  I’m saying that it should be taken seriously.  And as has been the case with every other suit he has been a party to, he should be beaten down…SERIOUSLY.