Please don’t BEE predictable…

Forged Contact

And buy a new computer, pauper. The spyware ain’t gonna uninstall until the computer stays powered off for 60 days. I had to buy a new terabyte external drive to save all the captured webcam footage!




What just happened?


Scawwy. I so scawwed.

I will blog what I want to blog.

I will tweet what I want to tweet.

And I know that Buzz Punko-Makes-Ladies-Blow-Chunko will see it all. Because he’s certainly not looking for me.

Hey! Quit bothering me in there!  I see you not leaving me alone!
Hey! Quit bothering me in there! I see you not leaving me alone!

Oh, wait – I have a new follower on Twitter!

Even a ridiculous, sand-pantied, skirt-hiking runaway pussy DUMBFUCK knows that RIDICULE IS NOT A FUCKING TORT, any more than BUTTHURT is.  And automated emails from third parties (like WordPress pingbacks or Twitter notifications) are NOT contact, whether a weeping, sand-filled, nutshuffling cockfaced pussy comes looking for it or not.

So, Zombies, always remember – you come looking?  You get what you get.

What the hell is he gonna do? File a RICO lawsuit or something?

I’d like to see it.



How likely is it that anyone is going to jail on the say-so of a DUMBFUCK?

The line forms to the right!

Which Loop Are You In?

I’ll bet we can all name someone in the bottom loop.  And by “someone” I mean everyone would name the same guy.

Except that guy. Right, DUMBFUCK?


Really, What Can Be Said?

The pictures tell the story.

Probably several!

Dance Munko!Oh, definitely.

A lot of this, for sure:

He’s probably feeling like this…
…but I seriously doubt it was caused by keeling over while petting his girlfriend’s (Seriously? Girlfriend?) dog…

…because let’s face it – with the verified internet history of a demented cyberharassing troll like Sphincterlips Sandysnatch, the only girlfriend he’s ever going to have will be getting an EXORBITANT hourly rate…up front. In cash.

Then again, he’s got quite a lot of familiarity with that lifestyle.


Only a DUMBFUCK Could Miss the Point of This Post

Let us consider the curious case of Bill Munko, also known as Bill Schmalfeldt.

Bill Schmalfeldt is known to be an adjudicated cyberstalker and cyberharasser.  He has over the last several years, been served with NINE restraining orders from FIVE different states.  He is currently under court orders to avoid contact with persons in Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts and North Carolina.

He claims that he has recently reported one of these persons to law enforcement for writing a letter that he has forgotten sending, likely due to Parkinson’s Dementia, a condition he has publicly admitted to having more than once, including in a letter to a federal judge presiding over a lawsuit which was none of his fucking business but he still stuck his shitcaked nose into because reasons.

He has made clear, several times and in no uncertain terms, that he believes I am that person, most recently yesterday.

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Now, if any of you voracious Zombies had been ordered by a court in Illinois to avoid contact with a person, would you not avoid contact with that person?  Would you not follow the text of the order, to wit:

The Respondent is prohibited from threatening to commit staking or committing stalking.  “Stalking” means engaging in a “course of conduct” directed at a specific person, when you know or should know that this course of conduct would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of a third person or suffer emotional distress.  A stalking “course of conduct” includes acts in which you directly, indirectly or through third parties, by any action, method, device, or means follow monitor, observe, surveil, threaten or communicate to or about, a person; or engage in other contact; or interfere with or damage a person’s property or pet. Stalking can include contact via electronic communications.  See 740 ILCS 21/10 for additional definitions.

Consider a few of the specific terms above.

Prohibited from…committing stalking.  This seems pretty clear

Stalking means engaging in a “course of conduct” directed at a specific person when you know…that this course of conduct would cause a reasonable person to fear for his safety…or suffer emotional distress. 

Do you think being repeatedly and unsuccessfully sued for butthurt (which still is not a tort) would cause a reasonable person to suffer emotional distress?  Might it even cause a person to have years – YEARS!! – shaved off his lifespan as a result?  That certainly seems like it would be emotionally distressing.  It also seems like something Bill Schmalfeldt would or should know about, because he has used those EXACT words to describe the emotional distress he claims to have been caused by others in the past. (Just because he forgets a lot of the shit he says, doesn’t mean the rest of us do.)

A stalking “course of conduct” includes acts in which you DIRECTLY…by any ACTION, METHOD, DEVICE or MEANS, follow, MONITOR, OBSERVE, surveil, THREATEN or COMMUNICATE to or ABOUT A PERSON; or engage in OTHER CONTACT…Stalking can include CONTACT VIA ELECTRONIC MEANS. (caps are mine)

So if the respondent – Bill Schmalfeldt – DIRECTLY by any ACTION, METHOD, DEVICE or MEANS (such as a VPN like CyberGhost Premium),

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

MONITORS or OBSERVES a PERSON, COMMUNICATES to or ABOUT A PERSON, or engages in other CONTACT (such as attempting to leave comments – ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN OF THEM AT LAST COUNT – on a website he believes with 100% certainty belongs to that person)

…VIA ELECTRONIC MEANS, isn’t that Respondent – Bill Schmalfeldt – guilty of violating that Stalking No Contact Order?

And even more, after having been so blocked by me, if Bill Schmalfeldt PROACTIVELY AND WITHOUT PROVOCATION purchases a subscription service solely to overcome that block to view the website he believes with 100% certainty belongs to the person he is PROHIBITED FROM STALKING, isn’t adjudicated cyberstalker and cyberharasser Bill Schmalfeldt going to extreme (as well as extremely obvious) criminal lengths to violate that court order?

I wonder what a federal investigator would do with that information?

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Well, Wasn’t That Just Lovely?

Dance Munko!

Of course you didn’t visit.  Everyone knows you didn’t visit.

Since you are so obviously convinced that I must be Patrick Grady, it would be a  prima facie violation of an active Stalking No Contact Order if you were to visit this site.

Dance Munko!

Especially if your IP is blocked and you were paying for some service to allow you to get around that block.

CAREFUL, HORDE!!! There’s a live link to a shithole blog in this tweet:

CyberGhost PREMIUM?

Boy, do I feel special!

Though I must admit, being told I’m a bad liar by Mr. I-Never-Delete-Tweets is kind of rich.

Being called a bad liar by Mr. She-Blew-Her-Last-Semen-Saturated-Breath-As-I-Cradled-Her-In-My-Arms-And-Deleted-Emails-From-Whoever-I-Decide-It-Was-Today is a little bit funny.

Seeing Mr. I-Have-PD-Dementia-Judge-Grimm-No-I-Don’t-Yes-I-Do-No-I-Don’t-Oh-Fuck-It-Whatever’s-Most-Convenient-Today tell me I’m a bad liar makes me laugh.

Maybe I am a bad liar  It’s certainly possible. Is a good or bad liar defined by how often they lie, regardless of whether they get caught?  Or are they defined by how well they lie, regardless of how often?

My purpose yesterday was not to lie, because in the DMs where a DUMBFUCK can’t see, this was planned and executed to perfection.

Because it’s not about lying.  It’s about targeted deception.

And this:


Dance, Munko! DAAAAANCE!!

Dance Munko!

Wind him up and watch him go!