The Most Awesome Thing I Learned Today

The official Twitter account for Kentucky Fried Chicken, @KFC, has over 1.2 Million followers, but follows only 11 accounts.


  • @GeriHalliwell fka Ginger Spice
  • @OfficialMelB fka Scary Spice
  • @EmmaBunton fka Baby Spice
  • @MelanieCmusic fka Sporty Spice
  • @victoriabeckham fka Posh Spice
  • @HerbScribner
  • @HerbJWesson
  • @herbwaters6
  • @HerbDeanMMA
  • @HerbSendek
  • @HerbAlpert

KFC’s social media expert is underpaid.


The Karma Train Rolls On

…and if you pay attention, you notice.

The Democrats on Impeachment.  CNN on being marginalized by Trump.

I’m shocked – SHOCKED! – to find gambling going on in this establishment!

Exit question:  would it have been better or worse for CNN had Trump, instead of engaging, allowed Acosta to badger on unrestrained until he ran out of piss and then just turn to someone else for the next question without the dignity of a response?