For teh EPIC Monkeydancing Dick Stomp You Perpetrated Today


Wait A Minute!

If John Q. Citizen wishes to sue multiple parties for libel, defamation, aggravated butthurt and general douchebaggery, and argue that he is a private person, “just ask anyone – no one’s heard of me…” then how can he also argue that his reputation has been damaged, when no one’s ever heard of him?

Likewise, are not the notions of both celebrity and notoriety somewhat narrowly defined, especially in our internet “Streisand Effect” culture? Celebrity or notoriety can be defined in very narrow fields. Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners could be eminent in their fields but unknown generally. “Literary” authors enjoy much less acclaim outside their fields than “popular” writers, but they are still famous. The concept of fame is very much related to the community in which a person is famous.

Bill Schmalfeldt is famous within a very particular community – the Internet. It is here where his primary fame has been made, and it is here too where all criticism of him has been made.

His butthurt is his own responsibility, and he has no legal grounds to put that responsibility on anyone else.