“Great Podcast, Today” Said Sir Gamma to Lady Dyejob

Fun fact of the day – numerous studies have shown that the lies we tell ourselves are much less emotionally taxing than the lies we tell others, regardless of how big the lie is.

The only group where this is not universally true is among malignant narcissistic sociopaths.

You could look it up.


Bill Schmalfeldt, Plagiarist

For a long time now, it has been an established truth that Bill Schmalfeldt engages in plagiarism.

Is that defamatory? Not if truth is a defense, as we shall see in a moment.

If I were so inclined, I could track down half a dozen examples, and perhaps more, of Bill Schmalfeldt’s rank perfidy.  But I’m not so inclined.  Instead, I will mention one known example and leave it to the archivists to reproduce if they wish. In addition I am going to provide two more concrete examples to prove that – for the Google bomb –


…not to mention really fucking stupid. Continue reading “Bill Schmalfeldt, Plagiarist”


Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

Ya know, usually when I quote something, as I did yesterday when I noted that DUMBFUCK got his Microsoft Outlook account permanently suspended for “using your account for illegal activity; to spread malware or to view/distribute child pornography,” DUMBFUCK steps right up and tells me the quote is incorrect, and if I’m going to use quotation marks I should make sure the quote is correct.

Because I need a DUMBFUCK’S advice on prufreeding.

Yesterday, however, it went a different direction.  It says that “you” (I assume that’s a collective, royal “you” and not me specifically – my ego just isn’t that big) are pretending that it did that, “with NO EVIDENCE.”

It says.


NO EVIDENCE whatsoever.

See, “we” (the royal “we,” which some DUMBFUCKS use as affectation, I use here as a continuation of DUMBFUCK’S reference to the royal “you” on Twitter) didn’t suspend DUMBFUCK’S account.

Microsoft did.

“We” don’t even say they suspended the account because it was used “to spread malware or to view/distribute child pornography.”

And neither does Microsoft.  Not specifically.  See, if you read it again, there’s a third cause at the front of that list, which DUMBFUCK conveniently ignores.  I’ll just repeat the full quote with some highlighting so “we” can all see it:

Microsoft disabled your access to your account due to a violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement.  Serious violations of the Microsoft Services Agreement, such as using your account for illegal activity; to spread malware or to view/distribute child pornography result in your account being permanently closed. We do this to protect Microsoft customers and the integrity of our services. 

We have evaluated your appeal and have verified that a serious violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement occurred on your account.

“Illegal activity.”

Now there’s a catch-all phrase.  And one that’s probably all too familiar to DUMBFUCKS around the globe.  But even that may not complete the list.  Who knows what other specific causes may exist in the Microsoft Services Agreement?  I don’t know, because I don’t use Outlook.

Neither does DUMBFUCK.


Some Things Do Require A Response

You know, I could do an epic takedown on DUMBFUCK’S entire post from this morning, but I’m a little busy right now.

I could say, yes, it’s fine that it acknowledges wrongdoing against MaryFrances Causey by photoshopping her onto a giant cock.  Shop1

And I could also say good for a DUMBFUCK for apologizing.  Except I have a feeling that DUMBFUCK remembers that apology about as accurately as it remembers its wife dying in its arms while it was glued to the internet battling evildoers and deleting comments, which is after all much more important.  Unfortunately I have too much to do right now.

I could also point out that the photo that DUMBFUCK sent to Scott Hinckley’s wife’s business email address where it was probably seen by six to ten people, none of whom at ever met or even heard of DUMBFUCK prior to that day, before being forwarded to God only knows whom, was an EXTRAORDINARILY STUPID THING TO DO.  But I’ve done that previously, so why bother?  I might also ask of a DUMBFUCK who says “but Mrs. Hinckley seemed like a nice lady who would understand,” HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW?  I could just as easily say that DUMBFUCK’S late wife seemed like an enabler for a narcissistic sociopath with an inferiority complex and deep-seated Oedipal issues, but HOW THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW?  I would never say that.

I could suggest to a DUMBFUCK that now that its wife has passed away, it should just drop the pretense of having some noble motive for its abnormal attentions toward the Stranahan family.  I would tell it that there is not a single person on Earth who believes a word DUMBFUCK says about it.  There is only DUMBFUCK who believes, and I don’t think anyone would classify it as a human being, so we can’t count that. But like I said.  Too busy.

Me?  My motives are not noble.  I have never pretended they are.  I would not tell anyone they are.  My motives are exactly the same as DUMBFUCK’s motives, pointed in the opposite direction.  What was it he said?  “If I have hurt anyone unintentionally, my apologies. If I meant to hurt you, I hope it hurts like a mother fucker. Yes.”

But this:

Pontificator Post_4

Oh, really?

I don’t think DUMBFUCK wants to stand by that.  In fact, I am 100% sure it will soon be scrambling for a rationalization for that FUCKING BALDFACED LIE.

If you are not a fan of his voice, skip the audio and go direct to the transcript.  I have helpfully omitted all of the annoying verbal tics and crutches that so destroy his otherwise mellifluous baritone.  /sarcasm

Hi, this is a call for Michael William Palmer.  My name is Bill Schmalfeldt, I‘m calling from St. Francis, Wisconsin.  Interesting that you’ve still got Sarah on your answering machine there.  The reason I’m calling is, I need a bit of information.  Sarah Palmer is one of the people harassing me.  And I need to verify some information about her.  I’m not trying to get anybody in trouble, I‘m just trying to get the harassment to stop.  I see where she’s living in Reidsville, North Carolina now, she has three different personae, as Ashtera, as Sheeple Rage and now she’s a Dread Pirate Zombie or one thing or another.  She’s still a member of the SCA, only now it’s in the Atlantia Kingdom.  If you could give me a call back, sir, my phone number is 414-249-43xx.  And this’ll be the only time I bother you, if you’d rather not get involved in any of this I understand, but I’m just trying to get to the bottom of who this is that is harassing me.  Thank you very much.  Bye-bye.

So, you DUMBFUCK MONKEY:  While you’re doing this:

and trying to UNFUCK YOURSELF by finding some bullshit website that will reproduce that transcript WITH ALL THE VERBAL CRUTCHES…

…keep in mind I have the other message too.


Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

I know, right?

Who photoshopped MaryFrances Causey onto a giant cock? Hoge? He just can’t help himself!

Who sent the deathbed photo of your wife to Scott Hinkley’s wife’s business?  Grady? Well we know he’s dumb!

Who published Lee Stranahan’s home address in the apophasic context of “Gee, wink-wink, I sure hope, nudge-nudge, that nobody goes over there and rapes his wife while he’s outta town ‘cuz that sure would be terrible, tee-hee-hee!” Scott Hinckley? He sure is obsessed!

Who called Sarah Palmer’s estranged husband?

Because families are off limits, right?

Please, DUMBFUCK.  Please…this is the ONLY TIME I WILL EVER SINCERELY BEG FOR ANYTHING FROM YOU…please don’t consider the idea that the retribution that has been rolling down on you all of your life is closer than you could possibly imagine.

Please.  Keep the scooty-puff (It’s red. Vroom, VROOM!) pointed exactly where it’s going.  Don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t have the upper hand, because you absolutely do.

Please.  Stay the course.

Here there be LULZ.



Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

You know, I miss the Ruff, Tuff, Bringer of Bad Stuff DUMBFUCK we get to see at the beginning of all lawsuits it files.  Hell, it was even present right up to dinner time last night: Continue reading “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”


Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!


Let’s see..DUMBFUCK stands at a fork in the road.  Down one path, it can cause a person to stop saying nasty things with very little effort, very little expense, and only its own willfulness as an obstacle to success.

As a result of this action, it has been shown with frequency and high rates of correlation that people could eventually stop talking about the DUMBFUCK altogether.

Down the other path, it can try to cause a person to stop saying nasty things with very high effort, very high expense, and the willfulness of others as an obstacle to success.

As a result of this action, it has been shown with frequency and high rates of correlation that the amount of pointage, laughery and mockification directed at DUMBFUCK will continue to grow.

Any three-year old could make this call correctly.

All available evidence leads to the conclusion that DUMBFUCK is dumber than any three year old.


As If More Proof Is Needed

Several days ago I noted that Bill Schmalfeldt is a DUMBFUCK liar.  He podcasted that he once wrote a bit of “creative fiction” about the WJJ Hoge family that he took down something like an hour later.  Now, we know he’s a liar, he knows he’s a liar, but while I was looking for the context of his “Be proud of the filth in your head” tweet, I found a little extra proof that Bill Schmalfeldt also lies to himself.

Read from the bottom to the top, y’all, and pay particular attention to the third tweet from the bottom.  Even more particularly look at the final sentence of that tweet:

On April 15, 2015, “So I took it down A DAY OR SO LATER.

But on February 2, he took it down just a little bit more than an hour after posting it.  I suppose by Memorial Day that post will only have been up for an hour.  By July 4th it will be 10 minutes, and by Labor Day it will be entirely a figment of his imagination that never existed and I turned it around on him for no reason at all because it never happened in the first place.

All the time. ALL. THE. TIME.