Actually Now That I Think About It…

…this, while really fucking disgusting, is perfectly in line with DUMBFUCK’S other…predilections…9-30-2015 3-20-48 PM

But it sure isn’t very wise to admit that sort of thing about one’s own sister…




9-30-2015 9-05-29 AM

Why is it always THE BUTT STUFF?  (And even if I did play with it, do you think I’d be stupid enough to blog about it?  The Internet Is Forever!)  It betrays obsession and latent issues from childhood.  But remember what Robin Williams said:  “Better latent than never.” In any case:




9-30-2015 9-06-22 AM

Just because nobody has purchased its wall smearings doesn’t mean we haven’t acquired and listened to them for free.  Because DUMBFUCK is a DUMB FUCK.


Tips For Serious Artists

  1. Make sure you can handle criticism of your precious creation.  There will always be someone who doesn’t like your art, and sometimes no one will.  For some artists, sometimes means ALWAYS.
  2. If you do happen to be a special, special snowflake who insists on persistently recording your own fecal emissions and slapping a price tag on them when you couldn’t pay people to take them from you, don’t whine about people being critical of your pretensions.  Ya fucking sand-filled weeping mangina.
  3. Read, watch or listen to AND PLEASE DEAR GOD LEARN JUST ONE THING FROM people who do with success the things you so clearly suck balls at doing.  Things like logic, critical thought, pro se legal analysis and practice, investigative journalism, typing the right words in the correct order, mastering the English language, document alteration for fun and profit, naval heroism, being a creative genius, radio in general, podcasting in particular, remembering that BlogTalkRadio sucks and NEVER to use it, comedy in general, satire in particular, not being a douchebag, and, ironically enough, SUCKING BALLS.   Otherwise readers will wonder what gives you the right to draw breath.
  4. If your idea of “hardcore satire” is “Cub Scouts being pissed on,” then it’s entirely understandable why things like “taking criticism” and “participating in a civil society” are not your thing.
  5. Do not pretend to understand that which you cannot bother to explain.
  6. Oh, look. A DUMBFUCK.