To All My Friends! Heeeyyyyy!!

I know the right-wing nut jobs think I’m all alone, reviled, a pariah cast adrift at sea, with nobody who loves me.  Only a sister with an overdeveloped sense of familial obligation to look in on me from time to time, always so disappointed that I’m not dead yet.  Years ago, I would have been able to tell you about all the friends I have who I check on from across the street with my 40x binoculars, Super hi-8 video camera and shotgun microphones.  But now there’s Facebook so I can stalk people who want nothing to do with me without even having to move a table by the window to set my bottle of Johnnie.

Let’s look in, shall we?

Now this guy Greg –


This is another one of those lame attempts by a DUMBFUCK to get one of us to behave like he does so he can deny he’s a creepy and demented stalker of toddlers who has no friends but those who speak to him through the magic of technology, right?  Who wouldn’t remember him at all if he didn’t bug them on line late at night when the whiskey is gone and sleep won’t come?

Those friends?  The ones who have too much patience and just enough social grace not to tell DUMBFUCK to piss off and leave them alone?

Well, I’m not gonna do that.  I never was.

DUMBFUCK does a fine job all by himself of painting himself as a truly pathetic and friendless creature who will enhance this world and diminish the afterlife with his eventual (but not ever soon enough) passing.

Die in a fire, shitbag.