Definitely Fake

Really? He’s going to farm out his wrath to the balloon?

How lovely that he’s fabricated a new set of skirts to cower behind!

Is there a bigger cunt move he could make?  I’m coming up empty.


It’s Not That Bill Schmalfeldt Is An Ignorant DUMBFUCK…

It’s just that the Defamation-Proof, Shitsniffing, Turdrolling, Demented Five State Toddlerstalking Dreadful Friendless Pro Se Gamma Terrorist Scrotum Sucker knows so much that just isn’t so. 

What you did to my old website?


You mean the one I haven’t finished migrating yet?  Patience, you malignant polyp.  


Nothing’s lost, YOU SYPHILITIC CATCHFART! (I know how much you love that one.)

Just because you’re too fucking stupid to find anything that I haven’t RUBBED YOUR GODDAMN NOSE IN FIRST, you genius internet incestigative Jew molester, you.

(Not a typo)

Speaking of which, how is Be-

…no, she hasn’t done anything to deserve the kind of attention that YOU would shower on someone’s family.  Just to show I’m better than you (as if it weren’t already obvious) I won’t be paying any virtual visits to the dog whisperer on Idaho Street.

Would you believe, you chafed, nutshuffling cockface, that there was a blessedly short period of time when all you needed to do to identify me was [REDACTED -must not educate the penis-faced monkey].  Thankfully that mistake has been corrected.  Too bad you were TOO FUCKING DUMB to notice and take advantage.

You’ve never been close.  You never will be close.  And the beatings will continue until grass grows on the salted earth over your grave.

Oh, wait!

You aren’t going to have a grave, are you?

Too bad, then.

By the way, nice picture on Twitter.  I see someone stopped by and caved in the back of your skull, which probably made you a little bit smarter.  And I assume the rainbow means you have finally embraced you true homosexual nature.  Good for you!  Let your freak fag fly, you flaming flag!  Better latent than never.