You Don’t Suppose…

So my site tracker notes a visitor from Havre, Montana at 17:49 Eastern Time on January 14th…

…specifically, a visit to a post wishing Bob Barker, the former host of The Price Is Right a happy birthday.

A post which contained the following embedded video:

And then, just minutes later…the same video appears on Bill Schmalfeldt’s Facebook page!

Thank God he’s given up on all of us Zombie Lickspittles, and that he’s just out there in the deathly, STAGE ELEVENTY PARKINSONS-EXACERBATING frigid temperatures of the Northern Great Plains, broadcasting to four people and one balloon animal.

Otherwise, I might think DUMBFUCK had returned to his stalkerish behavior, rather than this being the coincidence it so obviously is.


Here’s A Hot Take

Washington Post blogger/First Amendment Law Professor Eugene Volokh (aka THE GUY WHO LITERALLY WROTE THE BOOK ON THE FIRST AMENDMENT), has filed an amicus brief in support of Aaron Walker’s efforts to have Maryland’s harassment statute § 3-805(b)(2)(i) struck down as unconstitutional.

You can read the brief here.

Of course some DUMBFUCK out there will probably try to say that EUGENE FUCKING VOLOKH  doesn’t care about the First Amendment at all.  He’ll say he just wants to harass little girls.



Marc Randazza Is 31 Flavors of Awesome

Today’s flavor is G’agh, a Klingon delicacy.

Via Instapundit linking to Popehat, Friend of Free Speech Marc Randazza has authored an amicus curiae brief in Paramount Pictures v. Axanar Productions et al.

Apparently Paramount wants legal control over a spoken language or something, and Randazza says “Not so fast, thar, Baba Looey!”

As they say, read the whole thing.



So is this NEW RULE something a DUMBFUCK would follow as well as enforce?


Embedded copyrighted photo used with permission

Because I know who the DUMBFUCK is, but the DUMBFUCK still doesn’t know who I am.


"You Know How I Know You're An Idiot?"

So here’s a quote from this safe-linked post that provides positive proof that DUMBFUCK is a DUMB, DUMB, DUMBFUCK:


If a DUMBFUCK would like a brief but thorough education of WHY it is such a DUMBFUCK, it could leave a comment in SPAM HELL.  Depending on the quality of the comment, I would approve it, and then explain its DUMBFUCKERY in small words so it may perhaps retain a fraction of the explanation in its hippo butt leech brain, before purging it with a triple shot of Johnnie Red and returning to Cub Scout fantasies.

This offer expires at an arbitrary time of my choosing, but not before 10:00 PM Eastern time, September 10th, 2015.

The Zombies are welcome to jump in at their pleasure to explain anytime.