I Don’t Know DUMBFUCK Well Enough To Call Him “Stupid”

I only know that when presented with an opportunity to LOOK stupid, he never fails to make the very most of it.

But that doesn’t make him stupid.

There are plenty of other reasons for that.

Like another round of deletions from his blog, for instance.

Still nothing gone here…


Keep Feeding That Wolf, DUMBFUCK!


The more you feed him, the hungrier he gets, amirite?

And since I missed on Wednesday:


Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

You are less than the sweat dripping from a stinking skunk vagina. And anyone who tells you that publishing a man’s home address and suggesting that his wife should be raped while he is out of town was humorous is also less than the sweat dripping off a stinking skunk vagina.

Only someone who is less than the sweat dripping off a stinking skunk vagina would take a heart-felt personal moment, shared with people who love him, a death in childbirth, and turn it into an online spectacle. Do you think I’m the person you should be lecturing about karmic payback, DUMBFUCK?

Have you checked a mirror lately?

Thank you for letting the world know when, where and how someone close to you became sick and died, so we can help you remember every word you wrote, every picture you photoshopped, every meme you created, every profane thing you have ever done to cause people more pain over the death of an innocent baby. I’m so glad that you can’t shut your piehole about your wife and just let her rest in peace. It’s so wonderful that we get to share in every lurid, dignity-stripping detail of the suffering that you spewed across the Internet.

You Germans have a lovely word: Schadenfreude.

Your pain is delicious. What really provides the garnish, however, what really makes me savor it, is that added sprinkle of each time you have tried and failed to manufacture pain in others for your own satisfaction. As if it will somehow salve the physical, mental and emotional brokenness that you drag behind you like Jacob Marley’s chains (yes, I know it’s April…bite me). Your lifelong legacy of failure makes me smile.

I’m sure THE LAW is hard at work determining the provenance of whatever bullshit you’ve dreamed up this time, DUMBFUCK, in between doughnuts and coffee and investigating real crime. I could tell you what’s to be done, but you wouldn’t believe me. I guess you’ll just have to be surprised when you try the same stupidity and get the same result, Einstein. There’s nothing I can do to you that would be as painful and punishing as you deserve, DUMBFUCK.

The only reason you have two ex-wives who regret knowing you is because the third one died first. All your children have abandoned you. Your sister is ashamed of you and only speaks to you because of Catholic guilt. Even your Amazon Vagina Warrior Princesses no longer defend you, and they all dread the day you get yourself tossed out of your apartment and come begging for a place to stay.

And you did it all to yourself. You had the power to stop in the palm of your hand. And now the karmic payback is rising around you like sewage from a flooded storm drain. I do hope you are enjoying the rich reward you have earned.


Well, Think About It In Geological Time Scales


About as long as it takes for a a pebble to fall from the lip of the Grand Canyon to the bottom.

On the other hand, how long will it take to backtrace that photo to me?

The Earth will burn to a cinder first.

Please, feel free to hold your breath.

It’s a lot of fun watching other people make you dance!

You have no idea the number and quality of the netizens whom you have pissed off in your cyber-travels, Gulliver.

And you want to know something even funnier?

Neither do I!


“T’weren’t Me, McGee!”

But I find it entertaining to watch the DUMBFUCK responsible for Tweets like these:

…feign shock at someone playing his game, by his rules, and kicking his ass.


Were I to hazard a wild and completely evidence-free guess, I would say, “Seek ye the geniuses at Encyclopedia Dramatica.”

Or, suck farts, you four year old.

P.S. How old you do think DUMBFUCK was before he stopped drowning cats and moved on to strangling them?


Seeking the Wisdom of Hordes

Is there anyone here who can credibly explain what Patrick Grady or I have to fear from a cowardly fuck like Bill Schmalfeldt?  Is he going to sue Grady? This super pro se who has never filed a lawsuit sufficient to survive a motion to dismiss? Is he going to try to take an internet pissing match – to which he brought only fear pee – into the real world, where the swollen prostate he got in the navy guarantees nothing more than ineffectual dribbling into his bacon-stripped tighty whities?

I’m not saying a lawsuit filed by DUMBFUCK should be taken lightly, even though the LULZ will be as plentiful as ever.  I’m saying that it should be taken seriously.  And as has been the case with every other suit he has been a party to, he should be beaten down…SERIOUSLY.




…but DUMBFUCK really ought to work on remembering IMPORTANT things…

Cheshire Cat Grin_2

Watch me get all shriveled now!

Look what you’ve done!  Oh, I’m melting, melting! Ohhhh, What a world…what a world…

Sorry for mixing my opium-fueled fairy tales, y’all…


Well, That Was Unexpected


And by “unexpected,” I mean completely expected.


UPDATE:  The Truth Tribune and The Pontificator are also down.

Spoliate! Spoliate! Scrub to the music!

I guess that “giant sucking sound” we all just heard was someone’s stones crawling back inside the vagina where they will only ever be found with an electron microscope.



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It’s my site, and even I don’t spend that much time here!