Brand New Phase of the Schmycle

Personally, I’m looking forward to the regular afternoon appearances of Day Drinking Bill!

Check him out for yourself at:
I would gladly pay for entertainment like this, especially the bits where he begs fake journimalists for links to conform his delusional dreams.

Dance, drunken monkey!



Awww, Someone’s MAAAAAD at Me!

Yeah, somebody’s upset with me.

Where ARE those pearls?  Can someone haul the fainting couch out of storage?

And because he’s upset with me…and because he’s an impotent coward…he’s emailing threats to others.  And eventually, the email threats make their way to me.

Did I mention “impotent coward?”

But, in order to protect these others from the empty threats of an impotent coward, I thought I might re-implement a policy I tried once before.

Password protection.

Henceforth, any post that might possibly make this particular impotent coward look

  • Stupid;
  • Impotent;
  • Cowardly;
  • Drunk;
  • Foolish;
  • Fat;
  • Insane;
  • Incompetent;
  • Untalented;
  • Undateable;
  • Or any other of a thousand things or the many combinations and permutations thereof…(in other words, accurate)

I will put a password on that post.  As before, the password will be standard for all protected posts.

If you want to read that post, you need the password. To get the password, you must fill out the contact form below.

For you idiots and impotent cowards out there (but I repeat myself), if you are using a WordPress account while viewing this post, it is a near certainty that the contact form will AUTO FILL the email address field.  So if you feel like reporting me to WordPress for trying to STEAL YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS again like you did before, please go right ahead you fucking dumbass.

Remember that story from November about the guy who fell into an acidic hot spring in Yellowstone Park and boiled to death?

That guy was a DUMBFUCK; a perfect example of Heinlein’s thoughts on stupidity:

“Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”

That DUMBFUCK just walked off the marked path, a stupidity which in that case actually was a crime, and got himself executed.

What I am trying to do is require other DUMBFUCKS with their hearts set on finding butthurt to get all worked up over, to not simply leave a path, but to leave a path, strip naked (figuratively!  Brain bleach is on the left as you exit, free of charge), crawl through ten yards of dense razor wire, wade across a swimming pool full of used hypodermic syringes, roll through a paste of salt, wasabi, mustard, powdered Carolina Reaper pepper and lemon juice, set themselves on fire and THEN dive headfirst into the boiling acid pool…just to get to the butthurt.

So they can claim that they voluntarily went through all that torture to get upset by people insulting them.

So for all that, here’s the contact form.  Fill it out if isn’t already done for you & send it along.  I get the password back to you as soon as I’m damn good and ready.

Unless you’re a known DUMBFUCK.  No soup for you!


I Guess Ten Days Is A Long Enough Wait

Hey DUMBFUCK Hypocrite, guess what?

He's YOUR President-Elect TOO, DUMBFUCK
He’s YOUR President-Elect TOO, DUMBFUCK.
And clicking the image will take you Zombies directly to the original Tweet, at least until the Cowardly Lyin of Lebanon deletes it.

Then you’ll have to click this one to get the version that’s in the archive.

He's YOUR President-Elect TOO, DUMBFUCK
He’s YOUR President-Elect TOO, DUMBFUCK.
Because even (or perhaps especially ) progressive liberal ladies on deserve to know what a dumb fucking hypocrite the undateable Bill Schmalfeldt of St. Francis, Wisconsin, formerly of Elkridge, Maryland truly is when they Google him.


The Big Red Button

imageReminding DUMBFUCK of what a cowardly Gamma do-nothing he has been his entire life is just about the easiest push on his vast array of emo reactionary buttons.

There are few things more satisfying than the weak reaction you know is coming from a crazed little weasel who has never risen a single morning in his life without the fear that Mommy will once more burst into the room with clothespins to snap onto his weenie.



You mean the lovely and talented Cindy hasn’t come dashing to your door with a new DECLARATION to include in your next example of legal rhetorical mastery?

I’m shocked – SHOCKED!!

Dance back into your bottle, shitsniffer.

You’re drinking Blackbush tonight, right, in honor of the holiday?

You know what that was?



Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

JEEBUS CRIPES, YERONNER!! @hotcheeseshot “JezuzCripes, Yeronner, these non-parties are threatening not to do the same stuff THAT I ACTUALLY DO TO THEM! Make them quit not harassin’ me!”


Truth Now For LULZ Later

A time will come, sooner or later, when LULZSUIT VI – The Undiscovered Krendler sputters to the same ignominious end as all such lawsuits filed by this plaintiff do.

He will say there is no justice for a poor, disabled, recently widowed, defenseless Parkinson’s patient who is bullied.  He will be wrong.

He will say that Wisconsin red state right-wingers conspired against him.  He will be wrong.

He will say the defendants lied.  He will be wrong.

He will say he’s tired of the fight, that he’s just a sad old man who no longer has the will to stand up and defend himself against the withering attacks on his sandy vagina.  That will be a lie.

He’s going to lose, and he is the only one who doesn’t yet know it.  But it won’t be because he is a poor, disabled, recently widowed, defenseless, Parkinson’s- suffering victim of bullying.  It won’t be because Republican judges in Wisconsin conspired against him.  It won’t be because the defendants told better, more convincing and more easily debunked lies than he does.  It won’t be because he’s a tired old man with a leaky vagoo.

He’s going to lose for the same reason he has lost every other lawsuit he has filed.

He’s going to lose because he’s an idiot.  That’s all.