Whispers on the Grapevine

You keep your ear to the ground, and you hear interesting things…

I’m looking for a response from the Knot Boys right now.

I have heard tell of a magical Christmas YouTube video that once existed some years ago but was taken down by a DUMBFUCK of sterling reputation.

Something about the joy of receiving an unexpected greeting card?

I have faith in the Foreverness of the Internet.  I believe this video must be available for my viewing enjoyment.  Therefore I must have it.

Anyone who has the video, or a link to the video, or any way of communicating the video…please reach out via the comments below.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!!


Question For BusPassOffice

In your encyclopedic collection of Shakey’s Greatest Hits, do you have any examples of the SEVERAL HUNDRED times he has said he never attacks wives and families?



Asking for a friend who sometime doesn’t measure potential consequences before hitting the POST button.


The Major Bleg

I promised a Major Bleg.

And I promised it would have nothing to do with money (but if you want to hit the tip jar, if I’ve ever made you laugh out loud, hey, it’s just over there).

What I need is information.

Special secret stuff. Anyone who reads this blog with regularity will have no trouble figuring out what I mean.

And I don’t want it here. The comments for this post are disabled.

Go here. Make sure you are logged in with a WordPress account (if you need one, get one) and if you are not already invited, request access.

Be prepared to have your bona fides thoroughly vetted and challenged. That blog is private for a reason. Safety first. Nothing personal.

I will process requests as quickly as I can, and once admitted you will be free to comment as per instructions in the corresponding top post.