Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

Yes.  In this country.  In the court of public opinion.  

I get to “investigate,” and reach my own conclusions, and if the person being investigated doesn’t prove me wrong, well, I get to assume my story is true and correct.

At least, that’s how the members of the Society of Professional Journalists that I know of do it.

But maybe they’re just a bunch of DUMBFUCKS.


Good Morning,DUMBFUCK!

Let’s start by noting that today’s unmedicated, dementia-addled, Johnnie Walker Red fueled insanity rage is archived forever at (and wouldn’t that URL be PERFECT with an ‘s’ on the end?).

 Take a close look, my friends.  Take very close look.

In the space of just four minutes, from 9:38 PM to 9:41 PM, we have a WORLD CLASS DUMBFUCK condemning bkwatch1, and by extension all the rest of us, for stepping up and defending any and all innocents it has attacked.  And I use that word “innocent” with intention and with purpose, because only in this pudding-brained DUMBFUCK’S imagination has anyone been legally accused, tried or found guilty of 

  • Smearing a dead woman (whom it can no longer stand to refer to as its spouse, apparently – doesn’t that just scream SOULMATE to you?);
  • Getting drunk and “fucking men other than hubby in front of kids” (and wouldn’t it just be easier to say ‘ex-wives?’);
  • Being a “deadbeat grifter who offer their wife’s sexual services” (perhaps because it wasn’t getting a cut of the action going on at the local Traveling J?);

I wonder if a DUMBFUCK JURINALIST would even be capable of favoring its imaginary dedicated fans with the details of charges filed, dates of trials, convictions, and sentences served by these vile and heinous criminals.

Doing so might give the DUMBFUCK   the barest, most fleeting opportunity to actually STAND on the moral high ground it cannot possibly claim. There is absolutely zero chance that will ever happen.  

Because DUMBFUCK is too busy defending the hero BRETT KIMBERLIN, a criminal in EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD, a man who 

  • Was convicted of felony perjury in 1973, according to his own authorized biography;
  • Has admitted to running a large scale illegal drug ring;
  • Remains the prime and only suspect in the murder of Julia Scyphers in 1978, at the time the grandmother of his underage girlfriend;
  • Was convicted in June 1980 of conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute;
  • Was convicted in November 1980 of possession and illegal use of Department of Defense insignia, illegal use of the Seal of the President of the United States, and impersonation of a federal officer;
  • Was convicted of setting a series of bombs in Speedway, Indiana in 1978;
  • Was sentenced to 50+ years in prison, an uncompleted sentence for which he remains on parole;
  • Was found legally responsible for the death of bombing victim Carl DeLong;
  • Was returned to federal prison for failing to satisfy the civil judgment against him in that case;
  • Was legally adjudicated a pedophile as a result of a civil case in 2014.

This is the equivalence that a DUMBFUCK desperately wants to draw.  This is the battleground DUMBFUCK has chosen.  This is the field where the lifeblood of a DUMBFUCK’S microscopic credibility stains the grass, where its rotting carcass lies pinned to the ground by the arrows and swords of the Lickspittle Zombie Horde.

Too bad, so sad, tough luck DUMBFUCK.

Doesn’t it make you wonder, my Zombie friends?  How can a DUMBFUCK make the incredible claim that we hide from it,   

a monstrous beast who says…  

…but constantly runs to hide behind the NINJANUNS, behind The Lovely And Talented Cindy (Who Is Probably Disgusted By It When Its Back Is Turned), behind @wordpresssdotcom and @wp_digest when it finds the butthurt it so desperately seeks, when the people it tries to intimidate and threaten with doxing react not with the cowering and puddles of fear pee with which it is so familiar but rather with the deserved pointage, laughery and mockeration with which it is ALSO SO VERY FAMILIAR?

It makes me wonder my friends, of a question I would surely ask the the homely and friendless sociopath should our paths ever cross (HA!):


But our paths never will cross, so it’s just going to hang there, unasked and unanswered.



Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

You know, for three long years, all John Hoge ever wanted from this DUMBFUCK was simply to be left alone.  He asked nicely – many, many times – and was ignored -many, many times – until finally involvement by the courts became necessary.

What baffles me (well, not really, it’s just a figure of speech, I’m really quite sharp for a Zombie) is why a DUMBFUCK might ever consider that anyone would take seriously a request/profane demand that it was never willing to agree to itself, especially when the DUMBFUCK can only assume that anyone is talking about it at all?

If a DUMBFUCK has a First Amendment right to write ABOUT anyone it pleases, how could John Hoge, or myself, or anyone else among us be denied the same right to pen a possibly fictional posthumous memoir of an EXTREMELY friendly Maryland truck stop waitress who wasn’t a great server but still gave great service? Or anything else we felt like writing about?

Just asking questions…


Welcome to DUMBFUCK Academy!

Where you too can learn to be beaten like a dog’s balls and get your chained yanked several times a day as a bonus!

With your instructor, Foghorn Leghorn.