Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


I betcha DUMBFUCK didn’t pay no $35,000 in licensing fees for the right to publicize Pablo’s nice rack.

And I’ll bet Pablo will confirm in very short order that your average DUMBFUCK BLORKHUFFER is a gigantic hypocrite whose life could only be improved by going Tango Uniform.


Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


You know what I love about a DUMBFUCK?

Nothing.  There’s absolutely not a single lovable atom in its entire being.

This is not to say it has no value.  As a source of unintentional entertainment, I’m nearly prepared to say that this particular DUMBFUCK is currently without equal among its peers on Team Kimberlin.

For instance, the monologue above made me laugh so hard I nearly threw up my lunch.  The constant and unerring ability to carve out an exception for its own behavior while condoning far less in others astounds beyond description.

It claims control over its name and its image.  Anyone who uses it is guilty of heinous crimes.

Here’s a hint about privacy for a DUMBFUCK: if someone sends you a stinky candle, and you don’t want people to laugh at you over it, you poor, pitiful sociopath (tough shit because it’s a fucking laugh riot), maybe you shouldn’t make and post a goddamn YouTube video about it.

Just sayin’.

If a blogger writes about you, quotes you, uses images of you – THAT YOU HAVE MADE PUBLIC – in writings that he published free of charge, while making available through his website unrelated products, links to unrelated retail websites, and a tip jar for unreciprocated donations, he has fairly RAPED your reputation.

But let you take that blogger’s name and his photograph, plaster them across the cover of one of your copyright-infringing cut-and-paste masturbatory fantasies, and put it up for sale on multiple retail websites? Oh that’s just fine and dandy! There’s no violation of the “right to publicity” in selling a book with someone else’s name and photo on the cover!  

FIRST AMENDMENT!  Amirite, or what?

That’s good to know, because I’m thinking of writing a children’s book.  Tell me what you think of this title:

Everyone Poops, But Not Everyone Picks It Up, Rolls It Into a Ball And Sniffs It
I think it’s got the potential to be a best-smeller!


4002 Words on the Subject

…of Bill Schmalfeldt’s assertion that he must give permission before anyone can appropriate his name or image for commercial purposes:

5-22-2015 9-21-21 AM

Goodreads Int Inf

BN Int Inf

Amazon Int Inf

4 Pictures @ 1000 words ea = 4000 words.  Still need 2 more…



Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

 Is DUMBFUCK still a member of the Society of Professional Journalists? Because a DUMBFUCK living in an ethical glass house ought to know how this sentence ends…


Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


So if “by the end of business [today], there is the very real possibility that Hoge will be an adjudicated cyberstalker of a teenaged girl,” then what does that make DUMBFUCK


UPDATE – a more geographically diverse, more thoroughly adjudicated, more harassing, more delusional, more criminally charged, more paranoid, more sociopathic, more narcissistic, more permanently and TERMINALLY BUTTHURT CYBERSTALKER than HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! will ever be.