Chapter II

As requested, an advance notice:  what follows is not the usual fare.  It is a first draft of the second chapter of a YA fantasy novel I am working on. 

As noted previously, I welcome all feedback, positive or negative.  If you can be civil, fabulous.  If you can’t, I’ll send your IP address to Elkridge.  Thanks for taking the time to indulge me.

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My New Business Venture

Since my current digs are so affordable (rent free, baby!) and spacious, and I have an absentee landlord (one might say he’s … wait for it… out of his mind), I thought I might start a little home business.

It’s a niche restaurant.  Craft beer and condiments.


is what happens when someone challenges me.  I have fun.

All I have – is FUN!


Now He Really Knows He Was Right About Me


(All pictures and other material, altered or otherwise, used under Fair Use Terms of US Copyright Law, which is really just another way for me to say The Law Means What I Say It Means, And It Says I Have Carte Blanche To Steal Anything I Want, Nanner Nanner Boo Boo, So There, And The Horse You Rode In On.)

I just found out yesterday that my new bestest friend – not to be confused with my excellent friend, convicted bomber, forger, perjurer and drug dealer, who has not served his full sentence and walks free every day at risk of being returned to federal prison if he violates parole Bert Timbaland

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Michael Malone, R. I. P.

This is a tremendous shock.

Malone (very few called him Michael) appeared on my very narrowly focused radar just a couple months ago. His attitude was agnostic, until he got a taste of the evidence available and some typical interaction with the man himself. Unsurprisingly, his objectivity, own-mindedness, willingness to listen and basic sanity inevitably led him to the same obvious conclusion as the rest of us. In a very short time he became a valuable ally (except for his Mole Moment) and friend.

I will miss him.