…says Brett Kimberlin’s Rectal Mouthpiece.


Jimmy Kimmel Destroys Bill Schmalfeldt’s Favorite Rhetorical Weapon


In the seeming endless feud between conservative radio host and Fox News pundit Sean Hannity and late night host Jimmy Kimmel, Kimmel recently ran out of gas and surrendered by virtue of his inability to employ anything more creative than homophobic slurs,

Only after it became evident that he had pissed off the autophagic LGBT left:


…did the honchos at Disney have a little talk with Jimmy, after which he apologized in the typically backhanded “non-apology apology only given because the bosses could fill my job in a heartbeat” manner so common on the Left.

But this was a cutting edge, snapping type of retort that new KDSN Radio host Bill Schmalfeldt would employ in a heartbeat!

Now that the mainstay of Bill Schmalfeldt’s comedic genius (if you don’t count Cub Scout Porn and toilet jokes) has been exposed and appropriately excoriated by the exalted cultural arbiters of the Left, how will he ever be funny on the radio again?

And just when he was getting back into his groove, too.




This is a generalized observation. If you adopt the name “Bill Schmalfeldt” in your Twitter handle thinking no one will figure out you’re that DUMBFUCK, you’re wrong. You are, indeed, the one and only DUMBFUCK, and should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourself if you possessed of any self-awareness at all. #Observations


Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

How is it that a DUMBFUCK like yourself, who just ten short days ago was on his way to North Dakota…

…suddenly swerved into Iowa and instantly became an overbearing, pretentious, crude, anti-Semitic, woman-hating, poop-loving, Cub Scout obsessed, lying, racist expert on Iowa politics without even having established residency?

Of course, you’re an expert in EVERYTHING, judging by the way you were already spouting on #returntonodak politics before you even left the Inflat-a-skank behind forever in South Carolina, having failed to separate her from family the way you did Captive Nurse 1.0.

Say, how bad did you screw over that North Dakota newspaper anyway, you fickle, worthless sack of pig vomit?

Dunning-Kruger is a helluva drug!

Looking forward to the day in May when KDSN wishes you into the radio cornfield…though I’m sure the papers will be served before that happens.

KDSN Radio
1530 Ridge Road
Denison, Iowa 51442
Phone: 712.263.3141
Fax: 712.263.2088
Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon



Did He Tell Them He’s CRIPPLED With Sinusoidal Fakinson’s Dizeeze?

Given the tight schedule there in Denison (closer than Clinton, for some people, anyway)…

I don’t see how he’s going to get a word in edgewise, with all this pre-programmed network content.

Might be fun to hear a DUMBFUCK grapple with a Mike Huckabee commentary in real-time.  Don’t they kind of like Huckabee in the Iowa sticks?

He won’t make it a day before he’s insulting Sarah Huckabee Sanders. That should juice those ratings right up!

And GOSH! Who would have ever thought he’d ever have an actual, publicly available workplace address where he could be served legal papers and such!

And that he’d be stupid enough to say enough about it that a first grader could figure out exactly where he is?

I mean, besides everyone on Earth…

I’ll bet you can call an Uber driver, tip him $10, and he’ll be your private investigator and process server in one neat little package!

Also worth noting: if you, or anyone you know, has hard copies of various restraining orders, peace orders, criminal charging documents, trial transcripts, archived blog posts, salacious legal filings containing humorous yet damaging admissions against interest, or anything else of this general sort…

There’s a fax machine at the radio station for your convenience:

Just sayin’.

Publicly available information and whatnot…

KDSN Radio
1530 Ridge Road
Denison, Iowa 51442
Phone: 712.263.3141
Fax: 712.263.2088



Hmm…Who Do We Know?

…who likes to do what the grownups tell him he shouldn’t?

Like “Don’t make child pornography.”

Or “Stop cyberstalking people.”

Or “Stop harassing people.”

Or “Stop doxing people.”

Or “Stop trying to get people fired for simply refusing to put up with your shit.”

Or “Stop your 24/7/365 hunt for butthurt at least long enough to spend a few last quality moments with your Banged-Her-On-the-First-Date Soulmate as she finally escapes the worst mistake of her life.”

Or “Stop telling people you have a girlfriend when everyone knows it’s you and a blow up doll.”

“Stop filing nuisance lawsuits until you figure out the simple concept of personal jurisdiction.”

“Stop pretending you know anything about law, or that you didn’t get bitchslapped in Wisconsin by the one lawyer you hate most in the world.”

“Stop breathing.”

You know…stuff like that. We tell you not to do all these things, and it’s all for your own good, yet you persist.

So I guess I will too.