My New Life Starts Today

Right now, sitting at a table in the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Boulder, Colorado. Five years ago today, my life changed in so many dramatic ways. Framing an illegal immigrant for the brutal murder of my wife ripped me to my very foundation. I really didn’t believe I’d ever be able to live a normal life again. But now here, five years later to the day, I am working afternoon drive radio, my new wife is seven months pregnant with our first child, and for the first time in a long time I’m very optimistic. I do believe my family would be happy for me. Proud of me. And in fact, I’m sure they are.

But I could be lying.


Tuesday Inspiration

I found this post from Twitchy Woman  worth sharing.

The thing that most impressed me was how hard Jimmy worked, in spite of having PD, to get to this point.  He had a mission – to stop making excuses and take control of his life when things were not going well.  As he reached each milestone, 5k, 10k, etc, he set new goals.  He was not content with staying in one place.  He had to keep working harder and harder, eventually becoming our American Ninja PD Warrior.

Read the whole thing. Check out the rest of the blog, too, for examples of how to be an engaged and EFFECTIVE advocate.


Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

“I find that when one ignores stalker trolls, they tend to increase the velocity of their wheedling and whinging. Hoping that the subject of their obsession takes notice of them, they howl and gibber. It is a pathetic thing to witness…

and one would only know this if one were not a stalker troll failing to ignore other stalker trolls playing his game by his rules and kicking his ass brutally.

Oh, please don’t oblige us, Br’er Fox! Anything but that!!


Protest On Your Own Time

I saw an article on the Bing homepage about a player on the Washington Capitals speaking out and calling President Trump a racist.  It got me to thinking about the nature of protests by well-paid professional athletes, and what they put at risk in today’s culture by bravely standing up to protest issues on the field.

This sort of thing has been going on for years, of course. Particularly and lately in the NFL.

President Trump has made quite a lot of political hay on the issue.  I think he tapped a populist vein prior to the election that helped him win, but I also think he has continued to flog the issue long past its usefulness. On the other hand, for various reasons – chief among them TV ratings and the money that comes with them – the issue refuses to go away.

The NFL recently implemented a rule requiring players on the field to stand for the national anthem. Any players who do not wish to stand for the anthem can stay in the locker room without penalty or risk.

The one thing I’m sure of is that the beginning of the football season will NOT go smoothly.

This morning on the way to work, I remembered a movie from the 80s that seems relevant to the macro issue of professional athletes and protest.

The movie was called Amazing Grace and Chuck, and it came out in 1987.

I fear I may give away a lot of the plot here, so be warned; conversely, the movie is over thirty years old, so the statute of limitations has clearly expired on spoilers, shut up.

The main character is a Little League pitcher from Montana named Chuck. In the first act he and his class tour a missile silo and learn that nuclear annihilation is just as far away as the press of a button. A couple bad dreams later and he decides he cannot abide the global peril in silence.

As a form of protest, Chuck walks off his Little League diamond. He vows not to play baseball again until there are no nukes left on Earth.  This becomes a scandal of sorts and attracts the interest of the local TV news outlet.  In the pre-internet era, Chuck’s story goes viral, and reaches a professional basketball player named “Amazing” Grace Smith.

Grace follows suit, walking away from his team in protest of nuclear proliferation. He moves from Boston to Montana to support Chuck.  The news of a professional athlete at the top of his game leaving his team to protest sends shockwaves through the professional sports world.  Several athletes from other sports follow Chuck and Grace’s example.

Grace buys a barn and the athletes start renovating it as residence.

Things don’t go so well for Chuck and his family at home. Many of their neighbors turn on them, and Chuck’s father blames him.

Grace, through his agent, gets the bulk of the media attention as the voice of the protest, but the story is really about a resolute little boy and his wish for a better world.

There are mustache-twirling villains, of course, secretive war profiteers who like things just the way they are.  And as more athletes and more importantly, MORE CHILDREN begin to make visible sacrifices for this cause, these villains decide that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

When that tragedy strikes, Chuck and the rest of America are devastated. Chuck decides it is time to go one step further, and by doing so he sends a shockwave across the civilized world and changes the stakes completely.

I’ll leave the resolution to you, the audience, to find for yourselves. Even I draw the line at spoiling the ending.

But the point I wish to make about this admittedly fantastical movie is important:

Look at what the athletes in this story were willing to give up for their cause.

They sacrificed their fame, their talent, and their LIVELIHOODS to speak their protest.

Colin Kaepernick appears to be suing the NFL for collusion to GET BACK ON THE FIELD, TO CONTINUE GETTING PAID.

Now, he may be doing so because he simply failed to predict the real consequences of what he chose to do.  But he has said that he will continue to protest if he is signed by another team. This tactic seems calculated to advance the man and not the cause. It makes me want to question which is more important to him.

On the other hand, perhaps it is possible that in real life, unlike the movies, anyone really can be replaced.

And maybe today’s professional athletes aren’t emotionally prepared to accept that.


Self-Awareness Fail in Three Parts

Part One:

If Bill Schmalfeldt possesses even a single mote of self-awareness, then he must know that he has no soul.

Part Two:

If Bill Schmalfeldt possesses even one atom of self awareness, then his black tongue would have rotted and dropped out of his skull decades ago. We already know this lying piece of shit doesn’t believe in a Supreme Being (except maybe Diana Ross), and like the Devil (maybe “like” isn’t quite nearly on the nose as another word, but let’s go with it) he only quotes Scripture for his own purposes, and very poorly at that.

Part Three:

As Bill Schmalfeldt has often asked his untouchable adversaries while trying his many LOLSUITS in Twitter Court: “Who do you think a judge is going to believe?”

In order of credibility, it goes:

  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  • O.J. Simpson
  • James Comey
  • The Mainstream Media
  • Baron von Munchausen
  • Donald Trump
  • Maxine Waters
  • Pinocchio
  • Hillary Clinton
  • John Brennan
  • James Clapper
  • Ben Rhodes
  • Susan Rice
  • Joe Isuzu
  • Donna Brazile
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • Dan Rather
  • (reader’s choice)
  • (reader’s choice)
  • (reader’s choice)
  • (reader’s choice)
  • (reader’s choice)
  • all three-year-old children on Earth
  • Bill Schmalfeldt

Schmalfeldt has failed.
Schmalfeldt has failed.
Schmalfeldt has failed.

What can he do? Sue me?

Yes, please.




DUMBFUCK Bill Schmalfeldt, disease faker, multiply adjudicated harasser and stalker, vexatious litigant, serial doxxer of complete strangers, Great White Butthurt Hunter and lying, sexist, racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic motherfucker, pontificates on the instinct for self-preservation…

I suppose if we consider “FLEEING ACROSS THE COUNTRY LIKE A COWARD MULTIPLE TIMES TO ESCAPE THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS BAD ACTS” an instinct for self-preservation, he might be considered an expert.

Unfortunately, he lacks the good sense to STAY UNDER THE FUCKING PORCH.