Obviously There Is Only One Option

To get at the truth, the Democrats require only that Judge Kavanaugh be dunked in a barrel of water for 15 minutes to determine whether or not he is guilty of the sexual misconduct allegations they’ve trumped up against him.

If he dies, well, obviously he was innocent. Oops.

If he lives, then he’s guilty.  BURN  THE WITCH!!


Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Hearing

As I view the current schedule, the most recent letter from Dr. Ford’s lawyer to Chairman Grassley, and the opinions of the learned national punditry, I believe the situation stands thus:

There is a hearing scheduled for 10 AM Eastern time Thursday.  The first scheduled witness is Dr. Ford, to be followed by Judge Kavanaugh.

However, Dr. Ford is making noises and further requests regarding who shall question her and the manner in which she shall be interrogated (particularly, she seems unwilling to be questioned by a former sex crimes prosecutor). She also appears to be concerned about the fairness of the process after a recent floor speech by Cocaine Mitch, who called this smear job exactly what it is – a smear job. Without reference to any of the Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee who have recently gone on record either implying or stating outright that Kavanaugh should not be entitled to the presumption of innocence before these accusations, Dr. Ford feels that McConnell’s characterization impugns the “fairness” of the process.

It is to laugh.

The punditry appears of unified opinion.  She will not show up to be put under oath on Thursday. She will ask for a delay, because that is what this is all about for the Democrats:

  1. Delay the nomination (BAMN)
  2. Take back the Senate (BAMN)
  3. Prevent further conservative nominations (BAMN)

And so I say to Chairman Grassley – AMEND THE SCHEDULE

  • Open the hearing at 10:00 AM as scheduled.
  • Call the first witness, Dr. Ford.
  • On failure to appear  before the committee after 5 minutes, end the delays and CALL THE VOTE.



ACME Law, Back in Business!

“sufficient cause…”

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Over on the Twitter…

An actual, decent-looking, non-offensive photograph of Bill Schmalfeldt!

This banner photo…

gives him a healthy and youthful appearance that I don’t think he’s ever had in his life.

Either his own Photoshop skills have gotten a lot better recently or he let a professional do it.


Are you really going to tell me that the flyaway eyebrows couldn’t be fixed, too?

That’s just sloppy. And it ruins what could have been a very nice – if totally fake – picture.


And, As Usual

…your opinion isn’t worth the toilet paper it’s smeared on.


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