13 thoughts on “START THE CLOCK!!”

  1. That was actually cogent, coherent, reasonable, and sane.

    If Bill can keep it up, he's golden

      1. His twittergate is WIDE OPEN and DF's preferred candidate is Kamala! NTTAWWT. True nature is on full display and Schmalfeldt has very helpfully documented the link between his politics and his radio alias.

      2. Yes, I've seen this movie before, but positive reinforcement is a thing.

        So is saying "not even Bill Schmalfeldt would be stupid enough to do/say/publish X."

        Works every time...

  2. He's not listed in the top menu pulldown but is still shown in the archived disk jockey listing at the bottom of the page.

    Billy-boy may already be history...

    1. The station fb page has a Saturday entry of Bill at home with adult beverages. I though Parkinsons sufferers weren't supposed to drink? Lol

      1. Parkinsons sufferers also never get any better, and Bill Schmalfeldt (aka Big Bill Small) has already told the judicial system that he is unable to work or travel, or even leave his home in the winter, and has moments of mental breakdown. Yet here he is working at a radio station. Strange, isn't it?

        1. can't help but wonder if the station managers are aware of the medical miracle they have hired.....

          i doubt it but it's definately one for the record books.


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