You Should Worry About Real World Concerns

Instead of Pretendyland bullshit like this:

You should make sure your fiancée is inflated to the recommended air pressure.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

One thought on “You Should Worry About Real World Concerns”

  1. Someone should point out to that "Risky Liberal" that we're not a democracy, but a constitutional republic.

    And Bill Schmalfeldt has much more pressing local/personal issues to concern himself with, rather than national politics. Like: "When is the wedding date?" (I bet he still hasn't let Di pressure him into one yet, because he never will marry her.), or "Will his new 'employer' find out his history before or after he starts working?", or "How much longer will his 'future sister-in-law' put up with the growing complaints from her neighbors about the creepy guy living in her basement before Bill is kicked to the curb again?" His history is catching up with him - he won't like it when they finally meet up.


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